I’ve never known my dad to have driven a jeep.

Weird, weird dream last night. One of those dreams that eschews a proper narrative in favour of disconnected ideas and confusing themes. I wasn’t really able to make much sense of it, but perhaps others would do better with it. It began in the aftermath of some unexplained catastrophic event. No idea what it was, but all I know is that the world of the dream resided in a post-apocalyptic society. I decided that my best course of action was to make my way to my parents’ batch in Ohakune. I wandered on foot for what seemed an inexplicably short time for such a large journey and found myself laden with bags, knocking at the door. It was answered by a woman who held a strange fascination for me, as if we’d known each other intimately before, but I had no idea when or where. I got the feeling like she was an amalgamation of many other women in my life and probably representative of something far larger than herself (outside the dream that is. In my sleeping state she seemed legit, but familiar). We made ourselves comfortable and cranked up the fire, glad to have achieved temporary reprieve from the dire wasteland surrounding us. There was a mass of sexual tension between us, but I knew for some reason that I couldn’t act on it, that there was someone else embroiled up in this mash. Just then the door opened and my old friend Kobe Bryant walked in (it made sense at the time). This was ‘he’, the other guy involved in this bizarre triangle. I knew that she’d previously been with Kobe and that acting on impulses would seriously jeopardise our friendship.

Whatever had ravaged the land had warped the nature of night and day. Sunlight never made an appearance and the world was lit in blues and purples. Time went on and I grew closer and closer to this girl. Out of boredom we dropped some MDMA and things started to get weird. Colours expanded to reds, blues and yellows, all pulsing and changing erratically. A certain magnetism flared between us and intimacy seemed unavoidable. Yet again as things started to heat up, we were interrupted and Kobe was at the door. I had a flash that we’d been business partners somehow, like we’d worked together on something and I’d met this woman through him. I felt like I needed a tactic, some kind of diversion or distraction to get rid of him and back to her. I looked at him through what was suddenly a screen door and started yelling “WHAT’S UP WITH YOU MAN? WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE THIS? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DEAL WITH YOU RATIONALLY WHEN YOU KEEP LASHING OUT THIS WAY?” He looked at me, raised his hands in the international ‘woah, back off’ signal and said “I don’t need this shit, man.” He was gone, quest completed. With Kobe out of the way I stoked the fire that’d been burning between this mystery gal and I. Things got explicit and intense immediately. Colours pulsed rapidly in an uneven fashion and we built to climax.

No sooner had we finished than I heard a honk outside. My dad was in a jeep loaded up with fishing supplies and my old school chums. I ran out and joined them in a lush world of overly saturated greens and yellows. Nature had sprouted all around and we were flanked by verdant surrounds. “Just heading down to the old lake for some fun.” Dad explained. I jumped in and headed along, suddenly garbed in my togs. All my mates were at the lake having a picnic. We splashed and played, diving and cannonballing. Dad started really getting on my case for some reason, just being really hard-assed and patronising (actually totally out of character for Dad IRL) and I’d had enough. I snapped and told him to fuck off. I grabbed my pack and travelling cloak and headed off down the road in search of more promising scene. I cleared the foliage and found myself in a gleaming metallic metropolis. Skyscrapers dominated the horizon and the azure seas were littered with robotic leviathans. I dropped my gear and stared in wonder. Finally I’d arrived. This was where I was meant to be.

Decoding my subconscious, I can certainly see a few representations. I’m pretty sure I know the link between this girl, the guy (though Kobe? That’s out of left field) and I. Possibly even the connotations of her sudden disappearance from the narrative. Maybe the journey from wasteland through regrowth to civilization has emotional and literal ties to my impending voyage to Canada (famed for its leviathans? Maybe not). I’m going down to the batch with my siblings and parents next week, so that’s kind of literal, but the fight with my father and resulting indignant storming out? Seems pretty distant from any of my family relationships. Maybe I’ve got problems elsewhere that I’m imprinting on them somehow? Maybe this dream has much deeper levels that others could pick out? Or maybe I’m pulling meaning from short disconnected flashes, devoid of any basis in reality? Maybe I should just stop watching Adventure Time before bed.

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