A rested development.

Good news everyone! I’ve added categories to my posts. Huzzah! Odd, muscle memory made me try to chuck a full stop after that exclamation. Bad, tired, overworked muscle memory. It, along with my body, needs a rest. The last few nights we’ve been doing 5 episodes of new Arrested Development a night, which means after the gym, showering, dinner and watching it’s getting past 11pm. As discussed yesterday, I’m rapidly ageing and getting a proper night’s sleep is becoming more of a priority. My average at the moment hovers around 6-7 per night. I’d love to keep it locked into a nice 90 minute circadian rhythm but that’s proving kind of elusive. With a waking time of 6.20am I hate the idea that if I miss trying to crash at 10.36pm (it takes on average about 14 minutes to get to sleep for most people) I have to wait until 12.06am. So most of the time I crash somewhere in between and as a result wake up haggard most mornings.

Coupling my odd sleep cycles and my current quest to give up caffeine (after so recently picking it up) mean that my head’s all out of sorts lately. I’ve taken to chewing gum at work to stay focused and, more importantly, awake. It’s a trick I learned during my frequent night/morning commutes between Auckland and Rotorua. Often if a band was doing a gig up in Auckland I’d just drive up for the night, go to the gig, crash at someone’s place for about 4 hours, then drive back early morning for a day at work. When you’re tired it’s all about keeping yourself active. After more trips spent singing to keep myself conscious than it should’ve taken, I discovered the virtues of chewing gum.

As a teen mornings were tough. My tricks were either vaulting out of bed or flexing fingers and toes. I started going to the gym with my mum at 14 at least 3 times a week, getting up around 5.30am. So if I threw myself overboard and onto my feet, I had no choice but to sink or swim (which in this case translates to collapse or walk). Flexing the fingers and toes is a less extreme, more gradual answer and helps stave off being too heavy lidded after turning an alarm off. Discovered after too many times looking at my clock and shutting my eyes for a second, only to open them to a time 15 minutes later. I find the constant muscle movement switches on the brain (which immediately questions the sanity in leaving your cocoon of dreaming) and keeps you awake enough to get thee to a shower.

Now waking up is easy. Getting to sleep is tough. I’ve always had a problem telling my brain to use its inside voice. I turn the lights off, shut my eyes and suddenly with less strain on my senses, my mind kicks in to Bachman Turner Overdrive. It’s always the best ideas that come when you’re supposed to be powering down, right? That and when you’re offloading. Fortunately when you’re logging out you’ve at least got a cellphone handy. Using a phone on the toilet has to be one of the biggest threats to productivity facing our society at the moment, right? You’re reading a book or surfing the web while you’re dropping off your cargo. Amusingly with smartphones now you’re probably fully capable of doing your business while you’re doing your business. What an age we live in. I think the concept of being able to play Pokémon while otherwise occupied sold me on smartphones.

It’s insane how often you see people utterly absorbed in their handset. I feel like the outcast reading a real book on a bus now. Most everyone else has their Galaxy or iPhone out, white headphones plugged in, leveling up their crushing their candy or angering their birds. I actually use mine a lot for Note Anything. Totally innocuous note taking app that’s probably my numero uno. I’ve written most of my comedy material while on the way to work and even a couple of these entries. I still can’t text half as fast as I type, but eventually muscle memory will take over and I’ll be like a surgeon on Swype.  That poor overworked muscle memory. Oh, I was gonna talk about the categories feature I’ve finally implemented, but it kind of got away from me. Guess I’ll file this one under Stream of Consciousness.

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