Time for me to step up 2 the streets. I would’ve typed the word “two” but I was far too lazy.

You can almost taste the spring in the air. Almost, because you can’t. Firstly I was using evocative language to paint a picture. Also there are still the lingering lumps of snow scattered about. I’ve now remembered that we have a lawn in front of our house (that we’ll have to mow sooner or later. Is mowing preferable to shovelling snow? Well I’m equally slack at either job, so the real answer is that it makes no difference). I thought about this lawn during my time in Costco yesterday, when I espied a gargantuan playground complete with swings, slides and other climby things. It could’ve been mine for a mere $1099 or pound of flesh closest to the heart, but I decided I needed both of those things to live and thus left the playground behind. For a split second I imagined the joy of being in house of twenty-somethings all with access to this fun wooden structure. My heart swelled as I foresaw parties that broke down into booze fuelled play sessions before it was crushed by the cruel weight of reality. In another life, maybe.

That didn’t quash the joy of spring arriving though. I’ve had no major issue with the winter here, unlike the locals. According to most, my arrival has heralded one of the worst winters on record. The ice and snow have enveloped us like a cloak, blanketing the city in an eerie pallor. Yet again, according to the locals. Once I found my winter stomping boots (the second ones, not the second-hand ones that fell apart on their second walk. Should’ve given those a second thought) and warm coat, winter wasn’t shit. Okay, so I’ve basically spent the whole season inside a heated flat on the internet, amassing static electricity like a corpse draws flies. Not a bad life. I have experienced precious little melatonin though, so perhaps when it’s safe to lounge outside (we’re getting temperatures of over 10 degrees next week, fellow Torontonians. That’s practically summer, right?) I might make a point of doing so.

I’m keen on the idea of doing some spring cleaning of my own. When April strikes I’m looking to do a month sans alcohol, coffee and bread. All things I don’t need, that do nothing but ultimately slow me down. Given that I’m not making as much as I thought I was, I can scarcely afford liquor when I’m socialising as much as I am (and drinking as much as I am. A bottle of wine shouldn’t be considered “pre-gaming”). Coffee’s another drain on the pocket too. If I get four of them a week that’s at least $20 I’m pouring down that sink. Much as I love the short rush it throws my way, I know it’s just filling a deficit it’s created. A few days after having dropped coffee I tend to feel more awake and alert. It stops that chain of coffee keeping you awake, which leads to poor sleep and the subsequent pouring of coffee as you’re sleep deprived the next day. So quitting for a little while won’t hurt me (and if I plead hard enough, maybe Hammer won’t either). Bread just makes me feel heavy, bloated. I don’t think I’m gluten intolerant or anything, but eating too much bread leaves me with the same lethargy of drinking too many beers.

Aside from easing financial pressure and giving my body a break, I know that at least part of it is motivated by vanity. If I could drop a few pounds of flesh closest to my belly, get down to my goal lean weight, that’d be greatly appreciated. I’ve been spending the winter hibernating and feasting, giving less concern to what I put into my body, which has led to a sub-optimal output. I bought a new pair of running shoes at Costco yesterday for $40, which (unlike my cross-fit New Balance shoes. They’re lightweight and were excellent while I did the sport) have great heel support and will be a boon once the rest of the ice melts. I’m hoping to supplement my body weight training with cardio on my off days. There’s a choice 10km route through the surrounding streets of my area. It’d be a nice way to get out in the sun, replenish my melatonin, stoke my heart so cruelly crushed by the reality of not being able to afford a playground and listen to all of those sweet summery sounds. Maybe I can almost taste spring and I think it’s making me hungry.

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