So sometimes things don’t work out. That’s life, right?

I didn’t get the job I really wanted. After a great interview and weekly follow up calls, today’s follow up call informed me that the position had been granted to someone else. The guy said I should’ve been emailed by HR right now and apologised. He did offer to be a character reference within the company for any other positions I applied for, so that’s some consolation. Really, it is. ‘Cause I kind of interviewed for another position within the company yesterday. It wasn’t my first interview for the position. I actually interviewed for the exact same role with the exact same interviewer in the exact same room exactly 11 months ago to the day. Uncanny. Consequently the interview went really well. Last time it transpired that while I was entirely qualified for the role, the company had a policy of taking internal hires. So this time when I walked into the interview room with the same interviewer and one of her fellow staff members, it took off a load of pressure.

She said that I knew what the job entailed and that she knew I was qualified for it. She just wanted me to explain my relevant experience to the other staff member. So we chatted, I got to talk about myself (and who doesn’t love that?) and get to know both of my interviewers. They seemed like engaging people who represented a pretty amicable team. They were looking for someone positive, a team player who understood the logistics of working between different departments and wasn’t afraid to get stuck in and learn some new systems. It appealed to me just as much as it did last time. So things went well and by the end of the interview they said they’d schedule me in with their boss for a follow up interview. That’s on Monday, and without the distraction of this other role in the back of my mind, I’m gonna walk in and get that job. Positivity, I’m owning it. The alternative is wallowing in my own self pity, which seems like a waste of time that I don’t have enough of otherwise.

I also got a new Facebook friend. Big whoop, right? Well this was a dude I befriended after an Arkham Horror meetup group that fell kind of flat. The host and his friend were weird, but this other dude that showed up was cool as shit. We took the long bus back home together and kept in infrequent touch. He came along to another board game day, we invited each other out to cool events that we unfortunately missed. That was about 6 months ago. After forgetting to invite him to my flatwarming, I realised I kept forgetting to invite him out because he wasn’t on Facebook, hence the friend request. He added me yesterday, which added a little more sugar to a day that was already sweet as. Just thought I’d mention it. Nice things are nice, right (though I guess nice” can be a euphemism for “boring” too)?

I had a gig to review that night, This Will Destroy You. I’d signed up to review them because I remembered that I had their album. After getting the gig, I recalled that I’d never heard it. Listened to it yesterday for the first time and instantly took to it. Got excited for the gig. Loved the gig. While I was there, enjoying the set, a girl turned around and gave me a folded paper crane. It was the most charmingly Manic Pixie Dream Girl thing that’s ever happened to me. I put it in my hair like a rose and rocked out to the rest of the gig. My flatmate suggested unfolding the thing to see if there was a phone number inside, but given my non-existent origami skills, I fear things will turn out straight up Humpty Dumpty. Let’s not. I’m sure this is the day I finally become someone’s Craigslist missed connection, right? So it goes.

I turned around and started looking intently at this dude. Something seemed familiar about him, but I just couldn’t place it. Glitch in the matrix? No idea. He started staring back. For a split second it got really awkward, then we both realised we’d just become Facebook friends that day. Hadn’t seen this guy in over 6 months, then out of nowhere befriend and run into him in the same day? Toronto – Big city, small world. He showed me where he lives, really close to me. He said he plays all kinds of board games with pals most weekends. Awesome. New friend, new opportunities.

So sometimes things don’t work out. But sometimes they do.


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