Portmanteauing the line.

If a guy at the dock had a foot, does that imply he’d have a portmantoe?

If that same guy drove a truck with a tow bar and towed boats from the right hand side, I guess you could deduce that he portmantows.

What if an expensive female horse were to have an exceptionally soft coat? Would you call it a cashmare?

What if an eccentrically helpful and wonderful feline was sitting on a seat in Hobbitton? Would you call it a chairshire cat?

If you were trying to escape and your only method of finding a route was in a tome of maps, would you be booking it out of there?

If you were infected by poison and it made you ill, would you be classified as toxsick?

Actually, as a correction to the previous scenario I’m gonna say you’re an editor. In which case could you be tox[sic]?

I think I just tried too hard to mislead you there. Would that mean the sentence was contrived?

If you went to a Chinese restaurant and were awarded exceedingly heavy dumplings, could you assume they might be wontonnes?

Or if they weren’t large, but rather plentiful, would they be wontons?

If you were performing sexual acts in exchange for cereal, could you say you were turning trix?

If you were a bird in this scenario, could you say you were terning trix?

If in this scenario you were engaging in this demeanour to feed your children, would you say that “Trix are for kids”?

In this same scenario, if instead of children you were trying to feed goats, would you still say that “Trix are for kids”?

If you had a goat and it had a bell tied around its neck, would you refer to the sound it made as kidding?

If by the power of prayer a bell you had was more sibilant than tintinnabular, would you say it was bellessed?

If a bus driver named Theodore got pulled over by the cops, would you say he was busted?

If a werewolf was on the lookout for silver knives, would you say he was silverware?

Could you also say he was silverwere?

If your dog reproduced often would you call him Roverile?

If you were concerned about the safety of your sea snail, would you be fearful for its whelkfare?

If your male bovine had a predilection for crying and ripping things, would you call it tearabull?

If your stomach could talk, but it told nothing but lies, would you say it was unbellyvable?

If a small, bipedal, carnivorous theropod dinosaur was the reason behind getting freebies, would you say it was a compsognathus?


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