Unless your business card is scratch-‘n’-sniff. You’ve got me there.

On Monday I’m starting a job as a promo scheduling coordinator. The irony of which is that most promotion really rubs me coarse. If you’re thinking of giving me your business card or flyer, don’t. Just put it back in your pocket, please. We’re a modern day society, if I wanted your details I’d ask for them. I’d give you my email or something. I’m not gonna grab your dead tree that’ll take up room somewhere around my house until it takes up room in the bin, then in a tip somewhere. It might end up being recycled, if we’re lucky. Best net result. Just tell me what your business is called. If I care enough I’ll facebook (it’s a verb) or google it. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t let me know something’s happening, but gauge my interest before taking it further. You could save yourself or myself some embarrassment, and the environment just a tad. Even better, don’t print it out at all, just get with the times. Create some app that allows you to tap phones with someone else to send them a promotional email or something. It probably already exists, use that. Maybe ask for consent first.

Twitter. Facebook. You use them to surround yourselves with friends and sympathetic peoples who might want to engage in the things you do or make. Great. Please don’t overdo it. I resent the notion of sharing gig reviews that I write on Twitter or Facebook. I don’t want to thrash all available social networks, I’ve likely got the same audience on each. None of this stuff is important enough that it demands their attention so readily. My editor’s pretty into the promotional aspect and, hey, it works for him. Really though, I don’t care. I think it’s become increasingly obvious as I’ve become decreasingly enthused about my posts. Most of them end up as “this is a thing that I saw. It was seen” or something of the like. I don’t truthfully see why people would need to know. I mean, my editor would probably like to raise the view count in order to entice potential advertisers and more heavily monetise his site (no secret, right?). I don’t see how that’s my job. I’m just a pleb, leave this out of my hands.

It’s a hard balance, because I see the need for friends to promote events in order to get the word out. I’m sure it’s often something they genuinely think people will enjoy, thus the invitations. With anything arts based it seems the right to perform is based on the concept of “bringer shows” as a way of pay for play ethos. Thus friends promote the hell out of gigs because it allows them an avenue for performance. I don’t know that I’ve got any valid complaints here, probably more venting than anything. You’re fine to promote your artistic events all you want. I may resent the regularity of the posts, but I’m not gonna actively revolt against the practice. Just don’t take it personally when someone doesn’t come. People have busy lives and just because you’re really into something, it doesn’t mean everyone else has to be too. Your friends can support you following your heart without being there in person.

How much of this is me lambasting others for their actions while failing to extend the same criticism to my own? I mean, I promote this site once a week on Facebook. Every 7 days (when I remember) I update people with short snippets of the week’s content. I can see the numbers, I know when a spike happens. I don’t know if I’m luring in new people who never would’ve found it otherwise, or reminding the same people that there’s a heap more to read. I don’t think it’s excessive, but then again, how often do people look at my post and think fucking hell, this handsome rebellious figure who’s incredibly modest just posted another link to his site. He did that no more than 7 days previous. The system has been taken advantage of. I should really use better sentence structure when I form thoughts in my brain. Do we really think in words or just concepts? Why is this dashing rogue making me think these thoughts? Should I check his site to find out more? I’ll click, but I won’t like it. Because I imagine that’s how it goes most times. When I promote events or post links it’s usually because I think friends/associates may get a kick out of them. I’m no different than anybody I’m complaining about here. The only difference is the view through my own tinted glasses.

So what was the point of this whole rant again? Oh right, I’m a hypocritical asshole. Didn’t we already know that? I guess I just had to promote the concept to anyone who was unaware.


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