Plows and highs.

Today’s been a hodgepodge day filled with sloth (the action (or inaction, rather) not the animal) and an assortment of varied proclivities. Having consumed a celebratory Four Loko (seriously, why do I keep doing this to myself?) in honour of my current (technical) unemployment my thought patterns are ever so slightly scattered. Consequently, this entry might be too.

I got salt! This would make more sense if I gave context. So, here in Canada it snows. Not hugely revelatory, right? What you might not know is that here in Ontario at least, it’s illegal to have sidewalks covered in ice/snow. You’re responsible for keeping your sidewalk clear, which in turn prevents passersby slipping and breaking themselves. One option is shoveling, another is sand and the other is salt. Shoveling is more physically demanding than you’d think and if it’s iced over, you might as well be Gandalf plunging your staff in opposition to an encroaching Balrog. It’s tough going. Sand doesn’t erode the ice, but at least provides grip for passing pedestrians. Salt draws in the water from the ice and makes it dissipate. It’s useful stuff, but requires constant upkeep/vigilance. Last year I didn’t know this was a thing and as such I would’ve be surprised to hear I’d caused a fair number of slippages outside my place. I felt shitty about it. Salt comes in these 10kg bags and sells out faster than you’d think. After a few weeks it can be nigh impossible to find any. It barely started snowing heavily a few days ago and already it’s getting tough to track down. I went to No Frills and Walmart (who were entirely sold out) before finally discovering Sobeys had some. I bought 2 bags, which I’m hoping will be enough to last the winter. Packing them into my travel backpack I felt like some kind of pack mule, which differs from a drug mule because of the capacity of the cavity. It’s almost frightening to think that we’re settling in for snow over the next 4 months at least. I’ve just stepped into my winter boots and donned my coat, gloves and hat, but this is my life for the conceivable future. Time to start listening to post rock I guess (or Serial, which I finally started this afternoon. Gotta keep cool with the kids somehow).

I also made myself get back into Hannibal. It’s scary how easily distracted I’ve become. I constantly interrupt viewings to check email, Facebook, Twitter, etc to see if anyone’s tried to get in touch or there’s anything for me to check. Inevitably I’m not that important, but one good click deserves another. It means a 45 minute episode takes 80 minutes to watch. Not remotely feasible. Planting myself on my bed with no communicative devices in reach made it easier to plow through a few episodes. Finally finished season 1 and I’ve downed the first quarter of season 2. Stunning. Just an immaculately filmed show. Everything is nigh pornographic in its enticing nature. Lovingly portrayed preparation of food, expansive backdrops and engrossingly creative murders. Okay, so any time they use CGI fire it looks like a Windows 95 screensaver, but we’ll give them that one. The show’s spectacular as everyone has said and I’m glad I’m pushing through to concentrate on the proceedings. Excellent series that I should’ve followed serially. Next season I will. Hannibal Lector’s always been a favoured character of mine and it’s nice to see him being treated adequately, not as some cheap adoption of IP to get a quick ratings hike. If you haven’t picked up Hannibal yet, it’s well worth doing so. It has a great cast (including excellent guest stars), compelling narratives and visually rich iconography. If you’re looking for a new (old) drama series to fill your nights, fill your boots with this one.

I haven’t started my new job yet. Monday’s the day I return back to my preferred field. It’s been quite some time since I was plunged into the locomotive world of media and I’m actively revelling in the impending change of pace. It’s an adult job, guys, Benefits and holiday pay, salary. Hour lunches! My supervisor has been sending a few emails through and let it slip that I already have an email account there, so I guess half of Monday will be spent clearing those out. I haven’t set foot into the building as an employee and I’m already set to attend 4 staff meetings next week. One of which revolves around eating cake. I guess they employed the right guy after all.


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