Look at me droning on here.

After all this time striving to get back into the media world, I finally started a swanky new job at Shaw Media/Global TV today. I’m no stranger to a corporate atmosphere, but after time spent absent from boardrooms and common areas it was almost surreal to be back there. Here are a few first impressions:

  • Clothing. It’s a casual dress theme, which is great, but people still wear button up shirts. I can wear nice jeans, but I’ll likely still have to iron shirts on the regular unless I can find button up shirts that don’t crease. Find being the right word, because I certainly don’t have them. Looking at my wardrobe, I literally don’t have enough acceptable shirts to last my first week. Can I cover my arse (or torso, rather) by wearing a T-shirt under a nice sweater that I co-incidentally never remove? My attire is my biggest issue, meaning everything else is going pretty sweet.
  • Emails. That’s a thing that happens, right? That hasn’t been relevant in years. Even when I worked at the university I was on a tiny team. I’d get one actionable email a month if things got hectic. That really wasn’t an exaggeration. They created my account last Wednesday and 230 emails were sitting in my account when I logged in for the first time. I spent much of my spare time today creating sub folders and auto-delivery commands.
  • Meetings. Oh, there were meetings. Being at the intersection of multiple departments, there are regular weekly meetings to attend. Marketing, promotions and scheduling all have regular meetings we’re expected to attend. Plus the 90 minute quarterly conference meeting that happened to be on the day I arrived. Something I haven’t missed about corporate work. Apparently I missed the one where they served beer and poutine. That’s not a joke.
  • I’m an office drone. I’m in a cubicle, but there’s a fair bit of space and we’re encouraged to customise them as much as we like. Wow, that sounds like I drank the corporate Kool Aid with an eager maw. I figure any way to make the most of working in a cubicle is worth doing. Now, how am I supposed to decorate without my coworkers realising that a large child has been employed in their midst?
  • Nice facilities. The common room is massive. Probably 3 or 4 times the size of my apartment. There’s free tea, drip coffee, hot chocolate/vanilla and an espresso machine. The views are quite stunning, looking East/West down Bloor or a lovely suburban Toronto vista. A passable flat white in hand, I surveyed the landscape (complete with rainbow) and smiled.
  • Friendly staff. Everyone seemed to be happy, not much in the way of grumbling as I’d expect. The company treats them pretty well (unless they’ve cultivated a cunning facade) and there’s a decent amount of job satisfaction. Most of the departments we visited had people sitting around in adjoining cubicles chatting or joking, not overly stressed.
  • Benefits. As well as corporate discounts for various services or companies, there’s a decent benefit plan in place. It’s flexible based on your needs and allows for things such as therapy, physio, eyewear, medicine and any other health concerns to be addressed. There’s also a personal healthcare expense account. Maybe most legitimate adults have gotten used to benefits packages, but it’s still quite the pleasant surprise for me.
  • Opportunities abound. A few of the departments offered to let me sit in on meetings they had if I wanted. If I wanted to learn about upcoming technological developments (which are usually catered meetings) I’d be welcome to join. The promo department suggested I offer my voice as a new potential voice over for the specialty channels. It could be quite lucrative, they said.
  • A great team. My team has a great attitude. There’s a jovial atmosphere, everyone seems to be chummy. Because of meetings and system maintenance interfering with my training, the only task I was assigned for the day was one that’d been embarked upon by the rest of the team: Picking my spirit dog. Yes, embarked was an intentional pun. After much searching, I found it. Of course it was a Leonberger. I think it’s apt.

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