Ain’t no sea-cret.

To answer the important question first, yes, they did serve fish at the aquarium party. There was a complimentary oyster/vodka stand set up in the middle of a Kelly Tarltons style underwater viewing tunnel moving track. Also a fish taco stand. I think the tray of sushi hors d’oeuvres may have had salmon too. So not only did they serve seafood, they committed to the bit. Gotta commend them for going all the way. The whole party was a grossly enjoyable experience. Maybe because my lady friend and I got to nerd out on all the amazing marine life (blue lobsters? cuttlefish!), but also learn a plethora of interesting facts. Did you know that sharks can pull a barrier up over their eyes when they’re in trouble in order to protect them? It’s like having inbuilt safety goggles. Sharks are basically scientists, guys.

The serving staff were friendly, even while being massively overworked. Though it may well have been a token gesture, it was nice that the Shaw family were there to shake everyone’s hands when they arrived through the aquarium. There was literally a line of 8 family members in a row who all smiled, shook my hand and asked me my name. As I said, token gesture, but nice touch. The food was tasty and plentiful. If you didn’t have your fill at the various carvery or other stands, there were always servers going around with hors d’oeuvres. Alcohol was never too far away. Each party guest had 3 tickets, which seemed fine for the occasion (and there were enough ways to scam the system if you really needed. A few loveable scamps could be seen raiding the floor for dropped tickets). How boozed do you need to be to find wildlife fascinating? I feel like the answer “not remotely” wouldn’t fly in the case of the Christmas party. Also free taxi chits if you were taking a cab home. That was a nice little bonus. A fantastic party all around and one that I don’t quite think I deserved with my mere 3 or so weeks of work. Still, I’ll take it.

I was informed by WordPress that today was my 3rd anniversary of joining. Strange, you may think, but didn’t this project start last year some time? It hasn’t even been 2 years, let alone 3. You’d be correct. Thing is, this wasn’t my first dalliance with WordPress. Do you remember that ill advised trip around the United States in the chill of winter with only the winterised RV to hold us together? No? Well that’s probably because you’re some anonymous internet stranger. It sure as hell made for some great blogging though. My pal started off the project and it rolled on out over the coming months. We nearly died a few times and learned a great number of things about unsanitary lodging locations, each other and of course, how long our tolerance of each other would hold without accepting a murder charge. It’s worth your time if you’re looking for another something to follow.



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