Heading in the wronged erection.

Okay peeps, tonight’s topic is the peen. Pen15, dong, schlong walla walla bing bong. Dicks yo, dicks everywhere. What spurred this decision? Well I was scoping out Reddit and found a thread about some 20 year old kid wanting to get a circumcision. I can’t speak for all guys, because I’m #notallmen or something. In immediate retrospect, that was a terrible thing to label myself. I’d prefer to travel to a galaxy far far away from any inferences of the hashtag. Anyway, speaking of dicks and dickheads, I was just talking about not talking for all males. Speaking for me though, whenever I see some type of internet conversation crop up about circumcision I immediately rubberneck. It’s no secret that I’m an athiest Jew, thus summarily sans foreskin. Not my call, but neither is it something that gives me much cause to worry. As a kid it always made me feel different. Judaism’s pretty uncommon in New Zealand and accordingly, foreskins are more rampant. In North America I’ve heard it’s a tad more commonplace. In the end I don’t feel like I got overly shafted. Regardless, whenever the discussion rears its.. well of course I’m gonna say ‘head’, I take a gander to peek at how the other half lives.

As far as I understand it, circumcision has its roots in hygiene. Regardless of the religious affiliation it garnered, the point was to compensate for poor cleanliness and the potential diseases that could bring. By this point in our society, I assume that people would wash under the hood. I assume, because I don’t have one. Surely though, with a penis at the end of the day being a body part like any other, you’d give it a quick rinse? I would, but I can’t. Geez, I’m not making a good case for a lack of bitterness here. So let’s look at what I do know.

No foreskin means less sensation. This one’s a given. If the head is constantly protected instead of open to the air, it’s gonna be much more sensitive. I’ve got an easy, totally safe for work test you can do to illustrate the difference between cut and uncut.

  1. Take your hand and hold it out in front of you facing palm down.
  2. Using your index finger from your other hand, stroke the back of your hand.
  3. Now turn the hand over.
  4. Using the same finger, stroke the front of your hand.

Feel the difference in sensation? With less exposure to the elements, the palm of your hand feels much more pleasant to run that finger across. From what I’ve heard, that’s the scale of difference. Significant, eh?

I’m not gonna lie, having that extra feeling would’ve been nice. Given the choice, I’d probably choose not to get snipped. I didn’t get the choice though. What does this mean? Well based on the fact that I’ve never experienced any issues, I guess my cut was fine. I know that occasionally being uncut can leave you open to painful conditions like phimosis (which I’m told isn’t a huge deal. Just requires a bit of patience). I’m sure it’s the minority, but still I’m glad not to have that. I’ve got no issue with bad smells or gross build up, which is fantastic. I have no real idea which is seen as preferable by women, but frankly I don’t care. I’m happy with how things work down there and I’ve not been given reason to backtrack on that.

Backtracking on not backtracking though, a word on sensation. This is a bummer, but there is an corollary. Having less sensation really ups your stamina in bed. This is nice. I’ve found it makes me focus not on my pleasure, but on my partner and how she’s responding to everything. I care much less about getting myself off and instead try to get her there as many times as she’s comfortable with. The end result for me is the same. An orgasm is just as ascendant either way, but making sure my partner is coming along for the ride (pun not intended. You trust me, right?) really heightens that sensation for me in every way. It certainly hasn’t diminished my love of sex, it’s just shifted my priorities when we’re rolling around.

At the end of the day, whatever your peen looks like, accepting that it’s a part of you and loving it accordingly is all important. Love your body, think about what you can do rather than what you can’t. Whether you’re uncut or cut, that’s not gonna make you more or less of a man. Thinking that’s a surefire way to cock it up.


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