Due to budgetary cuts, we’ve been forced to air repeats.

2014. That’s a year. Was a year, almost. With fewer than 10 hours between myself and the beginning of another solar cycle, it might be time to reflect on the past one. In the language of TV fanatics, I think we’re in for a clip show recap episode.

The wanky thing to do here would be to produce a couple of central themes and explore their relevance to my past year. I mean, this is my life, I don’t know that its narrative has really played out as an interesting fiction. There have been ups and downs, I’ve learned things about the world, about myself and the things that drive me. I’ve faced certain challenges and new experiences in all different capacities. Does it sound like I’m winding up for a Scrubs style ending monologue yet? I promise I’m not.

Two thousand and fourteen has been my first entire year (with one day’s grace) spent in Canada. In Ontario even. Actually, in Toronto. I’ve been landlocked by time, funds and the pressures thereof. They say restrictions breed creativity and I’ve donned by best Indiana Jones hat for some prime exploration. Clip show mode, let’s relive some interesting or key moments I’ve been through or dealt with.

Love, loss and forward momentum. Raise a cup guys, cheers for sticking around thus far. See you here next year. Same bat time, same bat channel.


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