Have I made a Listomania pun yet? Seems like as good excuse to double down.

You know, I haven’t made a playlist in a while. One of my co-workers does them. It’s a pretty cool regular treat, really. He’ll announce a theme every 2 weeks and have people send him their song suggestions. He’ll download them from Youtube and soon enough there’ll be a brand spanking new musical menagerie for us to mull over. As far as he’s said, the regular playlists were established as a way of him getting to gain access to music he normally wouldn’t pursue. It’s an idea that’s lodged directly up my alley. Themes so far have been Best of 2014 and Inadequacy. Coming up is Inspiration, which I still think should be composed entirely of William Hung tracks, but somehow I don’t think anyone else will agree with me.

Thing is, I’ve got a party coming up and I’m without a playlist. My old Ipod used to have a number of them to call on at a moment’s notice. My new one, not so much. These days I usually just cut something together on Grooveshark or the like. It’s a poor step down from my former glory, but it’s easy and convenient.

Oh wait, you don’t necessarily know what my playlist glory days consisted of. They used to be ordeals. Overwrought for the reception I received, but every once in a while someone would comment on a good song choice and it’d entirely validate the time and effort I expended making it. The playlist would normally be created to adhere to a theme. Restrictions breed creativity and all that. I’d find a whole host of tracks that fit the bill and be off laughing maniacally as I put them together like boys and girls at a school social. Maybe more comfortable than that.

I’d work really hard ensuring that the start/end of each track matched, creating an overall sound flow. I had rules that a performer/band wasn’t allowed multiple plays unless engaged in multiple side-projects of their own. After setting this up I’d edit around and tweak it to instil a sense of cohesion and concordance. I think that was actually the name of one of my old minidisc mixes. Wanky stuff. It got me into what I did though and as friends could attest, I took it kind of seriously. An ex of mine got The Sims 2 one day. Rapt as she was with her new purchase, I sill spent longer on my playlist than she did on her brand new game. 4 hours spent to make a playlist for a 2.5 hour car ride. Wicked playlist. Good times, great rock and roll.


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