I’m learnding!

Looking for something to do with a birthday buddy of mine today, we finally went along to check out The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum. Didn’t spelling it out invalidate the use of the acronym?). Best day. Being childishly obsessed with dinosaurs, spending mass amounts of time just looking at enormous skeletons and imagining leathery skin or feathers spread across them was all engrossing. It was fascinating looking at the different teeth and trying to guess whether their owner would be a herbivore or carnivore. The ancient turtle type critter was 4 metres in length (so watch out gals) and would’ve been a feast for Pi. The exhibit gave some guidance as to how dinosaurs would’ve evolved into modern birds. You could see it in their frame/posture, especially when you compared the tyrannosaurus’ arms to that of chickens. I was bowled over by the passage of time. I’m gonna pull some dates out of my arse here: I feel that the T-Rex and one or two of the herbivore ‘saurs had a “mere” 6 million years between them. Other more modern prehistoric creatures like the giant sloth existed 100,000 years or so ago. The vast chasm of time between 100,000 years ago verses that of 60 million (give or take) that the stegosaurus roamed the earth feels difficult to conceive of. Seriously. Can you even picture that much time? The tyrannosaurus lived in the Cretaceous period, approximately 65-145 million years ago. The stegosaurus lived in the Jurassic period, 145-201 million years ago. That means there could’ve been more time between the tyrannosaurus and stegosaurus existing than there was between us humans and the stegosaurus. Isn’t that mind blowing?

So being two dudes in a museum, we found our time split approximately into the following:

50% dinosaurs/animals
20% weaponry/warfare
20% diverse foreign cultures
5% geology
5% European/Victorian/bowls/urns/non-indigenous fashion

Because for some reason that early European stuff seems a lot less interesting than everything else. I don’t need to look at Victorian dressers/cabinetry when I could be learning about animals or how indigenous cultures used the available resources to combat their environment. I thought it was really interesting to note the difference in perspective between European and other cultures’ art. Europeans were so self-indulgent. So many portraits full of self-aggrandisement. Other cultures depicted fantastic mythology, wonderful animal interpretations and augmented existence. It was wild, awesome.

Also I wore a stegosaurus costume. Which was rad.


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