Cinematurity. Why do I feel like I’ve used that one?

Plans roll ever onwards. In case you were worried, Air Bud the Pawedcast is happening. I’ve got a co-host (and a potential 2nd co-host in mind) ready to present to you the compelling contradictory combination of inanity and utter insanity that is the Air Bud franchise. Glorious.

I’m just under a week away from being 28 now and I’m still failing to see any downsides. Maybe it’s 30 I should be waiting for with dread and trepidation, but 28 to me just means understanding responsibilities a tiny bit more and moving ever closer to a time where my responsibilities extend beyond self-preservation to the needs of others. One day, no hurry though. I’m not complaining about being the type of individual who can still go to the supermarket at 2am because they want tinned red salmon and cheese. Let me be selfish now, I’m sure that by the time I need to get a kid up and ready for school, I’ll be looking back fondly on these days.

Not having watched The Golden Globes (a.k.a the payola awards) I don’t know what’s really going on for awards season. I caught Boyhood winning best picture, which I’m assuming it’s gonna do for the rest of its time in the spotlight. If ever a movie deserved to sweep utterly, it’s Linklater’s coming of age masterpiece. Then again I said the same last year about Before Midnight and look how that turned out. Not amazingly. Silly Americans.

I got to try Flying Monkeys’ Chocolate Manifestro again last night. True nectar of the gods. Finding the sweet spot between chocoholic and alcoholic, this tasty craft brew earns its place on the spectrum. It tastes more like a chocolate milkshake than Cocoa Puffs. Also heavy alcohol content if that’s your kind of thing. It’s not cheap, but that’s what you get for making something incomparable.

Anyway, time flows like that fine chocolatey nectar. Ours is up. See you tomorrow,


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