Bouquet-dokie. Time to make a kissing tulips pun.

I wanted to try write a Valentines poem for my girlfriend, but I realised the only form of poetry I’m vaguely adept at is haiku. On its own it didn’t lend itself to the tropes though. So I did some kind of poetry mash up with a running metaphor and the merest hint of rhyme. It’s not long, but I’m really slow at writing poetry without it coming off as trite or flippant. I hope she likes it.

Rose red, violet blue.
Well no matter the season,
I’m violet sans you.

On dark days or nights,
Blackest gloom. Your touch shines green,
For it makes me bloom.

Your smile, your eyes, well,
you’re a cutie. But your heart
blossoms with beauty.

Though hard times and tears
Give rise to doubt. I’ll listen,
for that’s how trust sprouts.

Whatever happens,
Foo Foo LaRue. You’re my bud
And I love you too.


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