I’m at a loss here.

Sorry in advance if you were looking for a pick-me-up, but this is likely to be a low energy affair. I heard that Harris Wittels passed away. 90% of you won’t know who he was and it’s a pity none of us will see who he could’ve grown to become either. So much talent. Some of his best material skewed pitch black. I feel trite even saying shit like that. If you read any of his material (his twitter is still active. It’s worth it) you’d understand what my words have no hope of adequately expressing. He was clever, cynical and seemingly brilliant. He regularly performed live, wrote for (and executive produced) Parks and Recreation and could be heard throughout a host of podcasts. These two in particular stand out:

Comedy Bang Bang – Farts and Procreation. Great improv and pants shittingly funny.
You Made it Weird. Harris opened up about his addiction, rehab and experiences. It was a pretty unfiltered discussion, likely a lot harder now.

He was 30 years old. 30. It’s all perspective, but that’s so fucking young. Fuck. Overdose, apparently. After hearing the Pete Holmes interview, it’s more understandable than if it’d come out of nowhere, but the news still hit like a sucker punch. He was all over the LA comedy scene and I thought he was one of those guys who’d continue making better stuff as he aged. I think most did. Comedy has sadly lost a lot of talent lately. I can’t write about this any more, because I’m not gonna do anything justice by wanking on. It’s a shame, rest in peace man.

It’s not like I was in a tremendous mood before I even sat down to write. Busy week, lots of things going on. I just want the weekend to come and I want to just zone out for a few lifetimes. I was thinking today about what might happen if I won $5000. My conclusion was: Nothing. Really, $5000 wouldn’t really make a large impact in my life. This isn’t me putting my privilege on a pedestal, I’m just saying it doesn’t solve a shit ton. I’m in the fortunate position to have a full time job in which my incomings exceed my outgoings.

I don’t need things. There’s barely anything that I want. I have my snorlax kigurumi, my phone doesn’t faint at the thought of sending a text, I don’t need clothes to wear or other things to prevent me from dying in this chillsome climate. I can still afford to go out and eat with friends, see shows and enjoy extra-curricular activities without fear of going into the red. I’m gonna have a short trip to New York in May. I’m sure this’d help with some fun activities. Aside from that, what more would it do other than going into savings? In my fortunate position (that I’m obviously thankful for. It hasn’t always been this way since my arrival), $5000 is temporary. $5000 is fun money. $5000 is back up in case of sudden unemployment. $5000 is better deposited into someone else’s account.

If there is some kind of all powerful deity listening up there, take the $5000 I was gonna otherwise win and just stop taking talented people before their time. Can’t people with a lot to give just keep giving to the world?


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