700? I’ve got almost as many entries as there are Pokémon. Has anyone caught them all?

700 is quite a number. It’s more than 4, but less than 701. The next magic number comes at 730 when I’ll reach my 2 year anniversary (cotton, I believe), but until then this is the big milestone on my plate. I haven’t been doing these recaps that regularly, the last one was at 400, so it’ll be neat to see what’s changed. It’s a good 9-10 months later, if everything was the same that’d be pretty grim. But life is in flux and wheels are turning, gears are grinding, cogs are… cogging? Right. Write. That’s what I’m here for. Rather than poorly teasing (seriously poor. Remember that time I said the cogs were cogging?) with waffly preamble, I should just tuck into the meat of the meal.

I’ve finally got a bonafide job. Getting there was hard enough I’d almost feel justified saying “bonerfied”. I’m back in the world of media, plugging away at a desk job scheduling promos with gusto. The job is a good fit for right now and the company is a great fit for future progression. There’s room to move in an organisation that makes an effort to upskill its employees to keep them fresh and interested. The company morale is pretty decent and I’ve gotta assume it has something to do with how they treat their staff (cue the update at 800 entries where I’m lamenting my fresh unemployment). We had a lavish holiday party at the Toronto Aquarium, the benefits package is so amazing (unlimited physio, access to nutritionists, massage, accupuncture, therapy, medical, dental) that I’ve got no excuse to be unhealthy. Bummer, isn’t frailty meant to be my prime vocation in the winter months? So I’m in a good place. No more teaching children gymnastics, feeding kids in schools, being a subject for medical testing, focus groups or barista-ing. I’m actually doing something that validates the worth of my education. Back on that ol’ corporate ladder, time to start climbing.

No complaints at the moment (thanks benefits package). It’d be of worth to mention that I’ve started counselling, with the plan to move towards constructive therapy. Trying to dismantle a number of neuroses and mental blocks through professional help. I’m hoping that, while it’s not gonna magically solve everything, therapy will give me some tools to unpack and work through difficult cognitive walls I’ve built up for myself. Once I can deal with that stuff a lot easier, I might even be able to look towards what I really want to be doing with myself and directions I want to follow. Like I said, this is no magic fix, but is it such a stretch to think that without obstacles blocking my sight, clarity could come into focus? Also started crossfit, so I’m finally getting back into shape. I’m determined not to drink the culty kool aid, to go on my own steam and not buy into the macho competitiveness that often defines the sport. Doing well in that regard and consequently, no injuries as of yet. If it happens, at least I’ve got unlimited physio to fall back on. I’m signed up for Tough Mudder, which is my big challenge for the year. Keen to train hard and do myself proud on that course. Or at least cake myself in mud and pretend to be Swamp Thing. How can I lose with two astounding potential outcomes?

Yeah nah, bro. I’ve written very little as of late. Wrote something last night that I don’t know if I’ll ever perform. I’ve got a bit floating around in my noggin, but I don’t know how to transmute it into clever words. I do have the Air Bud Pawedcast floating somewhere on the horizon. It’s a niche enough subject that restrictions will cause my co-host and I to push ourselves to find the funny. Specificity is still one of the most hilarious things to me and there’s an awful amount to look too closely at. 14 films in the franchise. That’s certifiably insane. I can’t wait to watch them all and report back on the findings.

It seems like every time I do one of these recaps, I’ve found somebody new I’m madly in love with, so I’m loathe to fill this with flowery praise. That being said, I’m pretty fucking happy right now. I remarkedlast time of my previous relationship that “This has the potential to be one of the greatest things to happen to me if it doesn’t tear me apart first.” Guess which one of those won out? I didn’t set out to fall in love this time, (I think I intentionally tried to push it away) but it sort of happened by accident. Lucky me. Really, lucky me. I’m dating an extrovert for the first time and it’s everything I ever hoped it would be. We communicate openly and honestly and it’s affectionate, sexual and amiable in all the right places. I can leave her with an assortment of my friends she’s never met before and by the time I get back from the bathroom they’ll be old pals. Lots of feels, lots of love (or LOL as the kids say). Also, many loves. Polyamory is a thing I’m testing out. Ethical polyamory, the idea of engaging in multiple relationships, that love itself doesn’t necessarily fit into rigid structures of traditional relationships. I haven’t really spread my wings yet, I’m still researching, talking and thinking about it. Something to look forward to in the next update.

Pop Culture:
I haven’t been consuming a hell of a lot. My new year’s resolution was to finish Seinfeld this year. Slow going right now. I love the show, but I haven’t had a ton of time with everything and everyone going on in my life. I’m near the end of season 2 and I’ve got another 10 months to fulfil my goal. Easy, right? You’d think I could apply myself to something as simple as sitting down and watching a show, but you’d be surprised at how effectively I can fail at accomplishing something. Broad City is killing it right now, Better Call Saul just started up, Girls is alright, but has definitely been on a downwards slope since the middle of season 3. The Oscars are on tomorrow and I’ve only really seen Boyhood and Birdman. Both astounding films in different ways. Boyhood might be my favourite film of the last few years, while Birdman is my kind of pretentious and unbelievably gorgeous. I don’t know who the colourist was (and too lazy to Google), but the colouring was so good it made me contemplate who the colourist was. First time that’s happened. Whiplash sounds (no pun intended) like my kind of film and it’s on my list. I feel like Boyhood‘s gonna take best film and director (Linklater for director, definitely), hopefully supporting actress for Patricia Arquette. A consistent 12 year performance is nothing to scoff at.

So that’s the flag I’m planting in the ground for entry 700. Finally took some leaps and bounds, getting to a place where I’m happy with the path I’m taking. Things have a way of changing, but so far it’s mostly been for the better. Frankly I’m still surprised I made it this far. I’m almost at the 2 year mark, which is at least the equivalent of 9 full time work weeks. That’s over 2 work months of writing or 2 weeks writing without stopping to sleep or eat. Jinkies! Was that enough of a hook? If so, catch you all then.



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