D&D Music Factory.

Back to the lands of Dungeons and Dragons. Would there be dungeons waiting for us there? Dragons? You’d hope at least one, otherwise it’s a misleading name.

We found ourselves back in town after freeing prisoners from a previous dungeon. We inquired around town to find information about our ongoing quest. Learning of a castle infested with goblins, we decided our desires lay in that same castle. We met a farmer who told us that her husband, a druid, knew of its location, but he was currently out at Neverwinter Forest. If we wanted the info, we had to get her husband and tell him to go off home. So with adventure awaiting, our paladin got her hands on a map and we moved on out into the wilderness.

After a few days’ travel we found ourselves at a small compound in the forest. A wooden sign warned “DANGER. AGGRESSIVE PLANTLIFE AND ZOMBIES IN THIS AREA”. We figured we’d come to the right place. The paladin walked in and turned on her divine sight, notifying her of the locations of all the undead in the vicinity. We had four zombies in the shack to our left. Having learned my lesson from last time, I stood by the door instead of kicking it down. Our ranger got in position and looked inside as we readied our weapons to strike. The ranger cast a hail of thorns, damaging the centre zombie, exploding outward and pelting all in a radius with sharp thorns. Incited to wrath, they slowly started to approach us. As soon as it walked out the door I brought my axe down in a brutal arc, severing the creature in half. We kept our killing box chain gang going and disposed of the remaining zombies while we were quietly flanked by small twig creatures. Our rogue and ranger gave covering fire as our bard started picking them up and throwing them. In mere moments we had cleaned out the crowd. We surveyed the dead while we heard a voice shout out. “You there, it’s dangerous to be out here. There are undead and terrible creatures afoot.” We discovered it was the druid we sought. He ushered us to safety and told us the location of the castle. We asked for information about our current compound. He warned us of strange black cloaked figures and the ferocious dragon in the tower.

The party’s collective eyes lit up. None of us had ever even seen a dragon before, let alone fought one. If we did this, it was all in. Chances are we wouldn’t leave with our lives, but what kind of lives would we life if we never fought that dragon? We agreed to take it out. The tower was a large stone monolith. Arrow slits were set into its walls. A staircase lined the inside of the tower, spiralling all the way to the ceiling. Inside the dragon was sleeping. Our bard told us of his plan, to grapple this thing, grabbing it by the head. He’d keep it from attacking us, holding its mouth full of corrosive acid shut. We agreed. The bard snuck inside and walked up to the ceiling while we waited for his jump. He cast featherfall and slowed his fall to a quiet drifting downwards. Landing on the beast, he grabbed it by the head and clamped its mouth shut. It fought back, but its strength couldn’t budge our burly bard. We ran in and assaulted it. Our paladin slashed away while I attacked, rage filled, and recklessly swung my axe. It called out in pain and tried to break free. Still our bard had it grappled. We all attacked, before the beast tried to take flight. It spread its wings and launched itself into the air, with our bard still clinging on. Our ranged characters took shots before our bard wrestled it back to the ground. It took damage from its fall and we jumped in on its prone form, attacking desperately. If this thing got rid of our bard we were in real trouble. But it didn’t. It managed to get to its feet and clutch at the wall, before getting a quick shot to the genitals from our shifty rogue. It slumped down to the ground and blood spilled out. We stood, stumped with disbelief. We’d just killed a fucking dragon. By wrestling it.

Tick for dungeons, tick for dragons. We’re two for two, guys. Great adventure.


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