Otherwise just dandy.

Is anyone out there fed up with my seemingly endless griping, pissing and moaning about issues, insecurities and feelings of insignificance? I am. Because it’s entirely possible to feel like shit is raining down on one area of your life while other sections are smelling like roses. I may have shitty self-confidence about body issues, but I’m still an excessively awesome, self-aware person who understands that because of the fearlessly rad people in my life, I get to do an almost overwhelming amount of fun shit. Let’s review a slice of that awesomeness I got to partake in this weekend.

Thursday night I spent with my girlfriend. I arrived at her place to find her standing in the kitchen in high heels and a floral dress, adorned with fine jewellery (also does it weird anyone else out that we just pronounce that word “joolree”?). We got to play house and eat perfectly cooked roast pork, topped with crispy crackling and flanked with roasted onions, broccoli and garlic. I then watched Edward Scissor Hands in full for the first time. The last time I tried I was 3 years old and I burst from the cinema bawling within the first 5-10 minutes. I can’t blame me, I was 3. I lasted till the end this time. Good night.

Friday I had dinner with a good friend. We worked over and troubleshot (is that a word?) ideas for events, things to create and things that should exist, if only someone were to create them. We also went straight from this back to my place where bourbon sours were concocted. The drinks kept flowing and company soon arrived to help us out. The more alcohol that was poured, the later the hour got, the less sane and more amazing the conversation became. We talked the quotidian aspects of navigating k-holes, Jewish myths and legends and gaining Barack Obama’s approval. Tom DeLonge’s verse from Miss You played for about half an hour on repeat before anyone noticed. Personalised erotic fan art was drawn (and now awaits being hanged on my kitchen wall) and serious ‘shipping occurred. Around 4am my girlfriend called and I very drunkenly serenaded her with the aforementioned Blink 182 verse. She was impressed, whether she’ll admit it or not.

Saturday we killed a motherfucking dragon. In the evening I joined friends at an Easter themed pubcrawl. It was madness pure, simple and delightfully nuts. It also snowed at 3 degrees, because in Canada nature gives zero fucks.

Sunday morning held a double date Easter themed omelette party. We drilled small holes in the ends of eggs and blew the contents out into bowls, which were then used to form omelettes. We washed out the shells and let them dry, while we snacked on cheese, crackers and impeccable eggy delicacies. Discovering that the Lisa Frank (equally gaudy but non-douchey Ed Hardy) craft kit contained temporary tattoos, it took mere minutes before we were all shirtless and placing tattoos in those hard to reach spots. My skin proved impervious to tattoos for some reason and refused to stick, so my butterfly/rainbow tramp stamp failed to find purchase. The company, however, was incredible, we celebrated awful emo tracks from our teen years and listened to the most A Simple Plan music I’ve ever touched in my life. A good day. Didn’t even have to shoot an AK.

Most of Monday was spent sleeping off the emotional crater of Sunday evening’s body positivity. The girlfriend and I got up and wandered around Dundas/Kensington. Appreciated some art, ate ice cream, got coffee and, like our resident looker Kim Jong-Il (RIP KJI), espied things. We parted ways and I prepped to meet up with someone else who was new to the poly lifestyle, looking for someone in a similar situation to commune with. So we had excellent barbecued ribs, fried chicken and buffalo cauliflower while sharing cheap beers. Also 5 hours of conversation. It was nice to have open, honest conversation with a stranger to consider alternate views and come to terms with experiences outside of our own. Awesome people are everywhere and it was rad to find yet another excellent person in Toronto. Also I had the leftover ribs today and now my right hand smells like meat. Today is truly the best day.

So in the context of my past few days, this huge imposing storm was kind of a sunshower. These things pass and life goes on. It gives me something to prepare to deal with in the future, but doesn’t drown the overwhelming happiness I’ve got surrounding me. I’m a lucky guy, peeps.


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