Hirsute Yourself 8: Canadian snipper.

I think the only reason these entries keep happening is my hunger for continuity. I don’t really care that much about my hair, as evinced by constant reformats (re-fur-mats?) and alterations. Most of the time, a haircut just works and if it doesn’t I can just wait it out. 2 weeks between a bad and good haircut, my dad always said. I’m gonna trust the judgement that came with his lustrous locks in his twenties, rather than his less ample plumage as of late. As I said though, most haircuts suit me well enough without too many issues. I’ve always wondered why this was, but just chalked it up to luck.

Not so, avid reader, not so. I have science on my side.

I don’t even know how I came across it, but somehow stumbled onto the knowledge that different types of heads suit different haircuts. I think I heard the thunk of every female reader facepalming as soon as she’d read that sentence. I’m sure for someone raised in a world of fashion advice and general nouse, face shapes are a given. It should be clear by now, that I’m not that kind of someone. To me, face shapes were a revelation. You mean I can use science and logic to divine how things will suit my head? This is doing little to disprove my theory that science is magic.

Anyway. I have an oval shaped head, which means I’ve got a buffet of styles to choose from. According to most of these sites, I can go for any kind of haircut that doesn’t involve a long fringe. Any haircut I wanted, EXCEPT for the exact style I happened to have. I told you I’m not good at this kind of stuff, guys. So armed with this newfound knowledge (therefore power), I marched into my usual hairdresser and told him what I wanted.

An aside. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to promote my hairdresser and it probably won’t be the last. I found him entirely by accident and chanced it. I have yet to walk out the door remotely unsatisfied. He knows what he’s doing, does all the texturing things with those toothed scissors and is an unflinchingly lovely, pleasant guy. He’s really central, close to Dundas Square. Finding a spot that’s just on the rougher side of Jarvis Street means he doesn’t get as much foot traffic as he needs, but every customer I’ve seen there speaks fondly of him. I’m always happy to “give props” to anyone excelling at what they do and his service is exemplary. $15+tax for a great male haircut is cheap as shit and worth the cost. If you’re not stoked with your current hairdresser and you’re on the hunt for someone new, give this guy a shot.


I decided for a radical change. For a while I’ve had this strange insecurity of a receding hairline that’s in truth pretty unfounded. To deal with it, I’ve just stuck with a long fringe that hides all evidence. As part of this eventual self-acceptance movement I’m putting into place, I resolved to own it and just show what I’ve got. My eye-length fringe and heavy locks got shorn right back to a more modern, manageable level. I wasn’t worried about how it turned out, but did cared more to test this scientific hypothesis of oval shaped heads and haircut compatibility. Because Science! Turns out people know things about stuff and whatnot. The haircut looks better and without a heavy fringe, my face seems less squashed. Whatever issues I happen to have, even I can admit it’s a pretty slick “do”. Next step is harnessing this science to buy new glasses, since my future’s so bright.


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