At least they got they Stan Lee cameo out of the way early in the piece. Count your blessings.

Finally saw Avengers 2 this evening. It was… pretty ok. Disappointing is a word. Defenestrate is too, but only one of them would really apply in this situation. No spoilers here. It doesn’t really help that I’ve never been a huge fan of any movie Avengers characters. The only time I’ve been particularly drawn to them was in the initial 2 series of Mark Millar’s The Ultimates. Much more fascinating exploration of character, considerably more flawed, hence compelling. Great stuff.

This whole greater expansion of the MCU business has made me think about what I’m actually looking forward to within it. I’m kind of gutted they were spineless enough to drop the opportunity to do the Miles Morales Spider Man storyline. Are the executives that afraid of giving solid roles to people of colour? Maybe they just hate Donald Glover. Then again, I am pretty excited about Black Panther. I don’t know the character well, but from what I have read I understand he’s an intelligent, benevolent, absurdly capable ruler of a technologically advanced African nation with abundant natural resources. He leverages this into the welfare of his nation, plus has a host of neat super powers to call on. Unsold on how well Ryan Reynolds (who I like well enough) is gonna handle Deadpool. We’ll see if he can pull on the requisite insanity. Fingers crossed. I’m wondering how they’ll handle this apparent standalone Venom movie, whether we’ll see an Eddie Brock incarnation, or straight to Agent Venom. Lots of stuff in the pipeline.

The thing I’m most buzzed for, really, is the new X-Men film. They’re finally tackling Age of Apocalypse. It’s funny to note that in the MCU they’re conveniently not mentioning any sign of mutants, considering the studio conflict (Fox has X-Men, Marvel has most other IPs). Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch are Magneto’s kids, which didn’t warrant a mention in Avengers. Age of Apocalypse though? That’s what got me into comics at the tender age of 8. My brother got me a copy of Astonishing X-Men #1 and I never looked back. Existing in a kind of “what if” scenario of Professor Xavier having been murdered and Magneto channelling his pain, resolving to become the new leader of the X-Men. Meanwhile the rest of the world goes to shit. Apocalypse rises up and just starts culling humanity. Some X-Men defect and team members go their separate ways to handle rapidly amounting threats. Wolverine somehow loses a hand, Magneto and Rogue somehow have a kid, Sabertooth becomes a relentlessly awesome hero, Morph is excessively great comic relief and things get dire. Really dire. I did mention the mass cullings, right? Yeah, great reading for an 8 year old.

Oh bummer, I just discovered that the upcoming X-Men flick involves Apocalypse, but doesn’t follow that alternate plotline I was thinking of. Well that, like Avengers 2, is kind of disappointing. Still, the last few X-Men movies have been pretty decent. Fingers crossed.


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