But with Mad Men gone, who’s gonna make me think smoking still looks cool?

Damn, after last night’s comic book inspired diatribe I’ve been craving the chance to delve back into that world, but time is a factor. If I bust this out right now I can wrangle myself a good 45 minutes of comic bookery. Heh, tonight’s my only free night this week and I’m stressing myself out over how to adequately arrange my leisure time. Leisure’s supposed to be relaxing, n’est-ce pas? Mais non! Not when I’m involved. I’ve tried to cram as much as possible into the night. I loaded up with Silicon Valley and finished off the final episode of Mad Men. I think part of me is just stunned to have finished something I’d been going through for the past 7 years. Egads, what a ride. Given my early doubts on whether I’d bother with the series, I’m immensely satisfied to have seen it through to the end. A golden age of television, people.

I’ve also been reminded tonight just how much time communication can take up. After sending off that volley of messages, I’ve been waiting to see if anyone will return the ball. Now I’m juggling multiple conversations, while trying to remain my witty, charming, innately dorky self. There have been puns, pop-culture references and toilet humour galore. Put out the right energy and it gets reciprocated, I guess. Occasionally. Also, big step: One of these contacts was met in a face to face exchange. Being my super suave, debonair self I slipped my number into her palm as we shook hands and said goodbye. I might as well have said “it’s toasted”, because that’s about as Draper as I’m liable to get. Despite having 99 first world problems, my pitch wasn’t one.

I also became further enamoured with my company’s benefits programme today. Given that unlimited physiotherapy comes with the territory and there’s a wellness centre across the road (also featuring dental, massage therapy, acupuncture, etc), I’ve been able to wrangle up something quite exciting. I’ve been visiting since I dislocated my hand around a month ago and training has been mixed. As part of physio, the clinic offers personal training sessions. The trainer I saw today has skills, qualifications and experience that seems to adequately match what I’m looking for in fitness training. We had a great session that managed to push me in the ways I need. When I get back from New York, I think we’re gonna move towards training 3-5 days a week in the middle of my work day. The best part? It happens at zero cost, it’s all covered under my benefits. It’s ludicrous and with the aid of regular physiotherapy, will hopefully finally enable me to kick this recurring knee injury I’ve had for the last few years. Being able to jog regularly without the inevitable pain and stiffness that follows? Priceless. For me anyway, the benefits policy is footing the bill.

If only that could save me from my current worry. There’s so much delicious sweet shit in the house right now. Being at the mercy of whimsy, my flatmate and I yesterday went on an expedition to find ingredients for an impromptu Sunday sundae party. We got maple walnut and a chocolate truffle flavour. Plus chocolate syrup. Plus caramel syrup. Plus some of that chocolate syrup that hardens, just because we could (thanks capitalism). Also walnuts, bananas, maraschino cherries and pink wafer cookies. Because if we were gonna go for broke, our dignity was gonna take the same hit as our wallets. Now I have to exercise the entirety of my willpower to not just eat everything.

That’s the hardest exercise I’ve done all day.


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