If you’re on their side, kindly go gargle cement.

Part of me wants to wait until after tonight’s date to write. You know, go over a bit of the ol’ post date analysis? The other part of me, the more logical, intelligent and less sociopathic part is telling me that I’m better to get it out of the way and enter into the date in an uninhibited state of mind. If I’ve still got the fact that I need to write – or worse taking mental notes of what’s happening – then I’m not gonna be present with her. Why phone in something I’m excited about? So writing happens now.

Speaking of things I’m excited about, is anyone not with me in thinking Mad Max: Fury Road looks sweaty balls-ingly enticing? Or in any case, more enticing than sweaty balls? I don’t know where my mind went there, sweaty balls like they were crying tears of joy? Or maybe it’s just that the thought of the movie gives my heart a boner, causing my balls to swell with excitement. You know whose balls are sweating not with excitement, but frustrated tears? Men’s Rights Activists on the interwebs. Seriously, does it get much more absurd than a bunch of grown men complaining about a kick ass woman dominating a post apocalyptic world, just because she doesn’t have literal balls capable of sweating with excitement? Did the same outpouring of infantile woe is me, what’s happening to my patriarchy blues scatter across the net when Kill Bill was released? Or have we gotten to the stage where dudes have started pushing misguided feelings of entitlement into the world of social justice?

In a quote from some fucking idiot that I don’t want to give the web traffic to, he’s caught complaining that we’re being “duped by explosions, fire tornadoes and desert raiders into seeing what is guaranteed to be nothing more than feminist propaganda, while at the same time being insulted and tricked into viewing a piece of American culture ruined and rewritten right in front of their very eyes.” Seriously? Hollywood tries to correct the weighty imbalance by a smidgeon and it’s ruined your party? Go eat a shitting dicknipple. When did explosions become gendered? Go and watch a fucking Michael Bay movie you unevolved fleck of primordial garbage. If the concept of equality is such an abhorrent concept to you then you’re the problem. I’m sorry that you can’t see that.

This MRA thing is all types of wrong. Except for the part where it’s so wrong it’s right. Not that kind. It makes me think though. How did it happen? It feels like the domain of a former king of his castle feeling his foundations eroding. If it’s always been a certain way, the concept of change is terrifying. So, clinging to his buttresses he attempts to quash any uprising that would lower his cultural capital. That’s the easy call, but that can’t cover everyone surely? The other thought (and I haven’t delved deep) is it’s a bunch of men who’ve been scorned by women, or more likely who’ve crafted imagined slights and fixated on them. If your culture tells you that love, sex and fealty are things you deserve, then you’re hardly amenable to the growth of thought barricading it further from your possession. If it’s already hard for you to make a connection, then those walls being built up terrify you. In your heart you don’t want to be alone, but the way you’ve been taught that love is to come your way doesn’t count for your partner having agency in the decision. She should just want to be with you, that’s what the movies tell you.

Fuck off. It’s naive to think that things should just come your way. Everybody struggles with an a host of issues, but it’s irresponsible and selfish to try and tear others down because you’re feeling put out. Are compassion and empathy so hard to come by? Is it not possible to look at all 360 degrees instead of assuming everything you want should be right in front of you? Consider others, look into why they might feel a certain way. I can understand that these narrow-minded and regressive views you hold about the place of women in “your” world come from fear and hurt, but surely you can see that your blind rage hurts them right back?

How are we supposed to get anywhere if we keep dragging our heels? For fuck’s sake, you’re human right? Can we at least try to be good people?


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