Thinkful wishing.

Here are some things I would like. This will be by no means exhaustive. Just whatever comes to mind in the next 30 minutes. There is no time limit on these and they don’t have to happen, but if they did it would be doubleplus good.

  • For someone to send me all those interesting variant Whittakers variant blocks. L&P, Hundreds and Thousands, etc. I heard there was even a Jelly Tip one. I’m quivering with anticipation. Or that might just be early onset diabetes. Either way, my heart is almost choked with joy.
  • New shoes. I’ve reverted multiple times to shoes I said I’d throw out a year ago. They’re shitty and not even that comfy. I just want something I can kick around in. Or throw sweet high-kicks. Something versatile.
  • Some indoor parkour lessons. I figure that since I’ve dropped alcohol for around 3 months (to aid Tough Mudder training), I could put that extra dough towards something I’ll enjoy. Thus learning one or two ways to creatively escape a bunch of goons chasing me down an alleyway would be right up my… area of interest.
  • Another date. I’m very fortunate to have a caring partner, I’d just like to give this poly thing a fair shot before deciding whether or not it’s something I’m geared for. From this vantage point I see it as an entirely legitimate, desirable way of life. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the relationship style that works for me. It could be, but I’ve gotta figure that one out through doing rather than just mentally mapping things out.
  • A tailored suit.
  • A forcefield. It sucks when it’s raining, but it’s also warm. You want to wear short sleeves and a bag full of stuff that you wish would stay dry, but Neptune wants to ruin your day from up on high. A forcefield, it’s the obvious answer.
  • Gargoyle wings. Not wings that’d turn to stone by day, but wings like that Disney’s Gargoyles show (voiced by Community‘s Keith David). I could use them for transportation, it’d be a cardiovascular workout and they’d double as a swanky cloak.
  • A podcast.
  • Teleportation, to cover the gaps between the above two things I want. If the weather’s shitty and I didn’t want to fly I could teleport. Also I’ve had this idea for years that instead of buying a house, I could buy rooms all around the world and just teleport between them. So I could have a bedroom in Dublin, bathroom in New York, kitchen in Paris and lounge in Berlin or something of the like. Micromanaging rooms in my house? I’m in.
  • Watch all of The X-Files. Listen to all of The X-Files Files.
  • Writing a song for someone I love. Actually compose the music, write the lyrics and perform it. Of course I’d need to learn how to play an instrument, sing and write lyrics, but this is a list rooted in fantasy, right?
  • A pitch perfect Christopher Walken impersonation.
  • Jurassic World. In reality, not just the film.
  • To be best buds with Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. They seem neat.
  • A new Magic the Gathering deck idea. I swear it’s been years since I last made a deck. I want something to be excited about again and actually put together with real cards. Commander, Tiny Leaders, 60 card casual, just something. I keep seeing the same kind of decks around and I want to find a different direction, but inspiration hasn’t struck.
  • For the world to get to a point where we stop caring so much about how others navigate their lives if it doesn’t affect us. Sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity/culture, pop-cultural preferences (I’m probably guilty as sin over the last one). Let people be people and stop giving a shit. Obviously when it comes to sexual acts, consent is everything. Just because it’s happening, it doesn’t mean your opinion is desired.
  • These.
  • To stop giving a shit about what I think people think. So often I’ll get self-conscious or neurotic over how I assume people perceive me, when in reality they probably care as little about me as I do of them. Strangers in the subway likely don’t give me a second thought after I’ve stepped off the train, but I still feel weird about what they might have thought. Did my glance linger too long? Was she uncomfortable when I caught her eye? Does what I’m wearing make me look like a douche? Was it weird when I was obliviously dancing?
  • A new Japandroids album.
  • To get back into stand up again, stick with it and actually get better.
  • Some idea of where I’m trying to go.
  • To make any or all of these things happen.
  • Jetpack.

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