When I played Pokemon Trainer on Smash Bros Brawl, I always went back to Ivysaur. Fuck Yeah Ivysaur.

Stop. Write now. Thank you very much.

My internal monologue closely resembles a Spice Girls song, or at the very least some kind of pop-cultural morass. I came to terms some amount of years ago that I can’t expect my mind to function in a regular, linear fashion. Is that what normal is? Does everyone else have a frayed narrative of tenuously connected thoughts running through their head at all times? It’s what I know, it’s comfortable. Perhaps that loose connection is what enables me to form thematic leaps and vocabulary ambulations. Not gonna lie, I didn’t even know “ambulation” was a word, let alone an apt word until I looked up it just then. Brains, maaan. No wonder zombies covet them so.

I like mine though, I’ve learned to appreciate it’s strange nuances and haphazard observations. The devil’s in the details and the details I seem to focus on are wicked enough indeed. It could be why I always seem to tire out discussion partners. It’s one part curiousity and another part laziness. I just want to know more about things without having to do any research. If others can put in the time through reading, I like to mine their findings and reinterpret what they’ve discovered through a lens I can understand. Like I said, laziness, but on my terms.

Is this making any sense? I’m not angling towards some salient point here, I’m just throwing out something into the aether and charting its trajectory.

I hope this isn’t coming out as some self-fellating I’m so special discharge. I assume everyone is. We’ve got a word full of people who view society through a myriad of cultural, socio-political lenses. Or contacts. Everyone has a different vantage point based on the environmental effects and causality that’s crafted them into who they are. I’m thinking of individual culture and when I say that, I use my personal interpretation. As far as I can grok it, one’s own culture is an individual worldview based on of all of their lived experiences. Everything they’ve seen, every person they’ve witnessed, everything they’ve read, viewed, heard. Everything that’s occurred within the scope of their life has affected them in some way, whether conscious or not. All of these things converge and coalesce into a nigh infinite series of personal views, tastes, habits, fears and behaviours. Your personal culture is what makes you different from everyone else around you. It’s not simply your ethnicity or national upbringing, it’s how you’ve been shaped throughout your existence and how this alters the way you see the world.

I think culture is fascinating and it’s incredibly interesting to see how culture shifts and warps into strange new shapes as our societies do. We hear of developments around us and it changes how we react. Humans are smart robots at times. We can take in information and reinterpret it as we see fit. We’ve developed mechanics and strategies to filter what we’re presented with and have a remarkable ability to bind it to our internalised points of view. Our world exists with certain rules that’re different from others around us. Did a dog bark at you once when you were a child? [DOGS ARE FEARSOME] your mind logs this rule. You crunched a seed unexpectedly while eating watermelon? [WATERMELON IS UNPLEASANT TO EAT]. A new rule. These rules stack up all the time until finally you have a framework with which you can quickly and efficiently navigate your environment. You don’t even need to think about things any more, you instantly know how to react. It’s smart programming, efficient programming. The thing it doesn’t allow for is easy subversion of those rules.

[MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN] [BLACK PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS] [GENDER IS INFLEXIBLE]. How many of us challenge these notions? If they’ve been standing proud and solid for many years, how do we even start to break them down? If they’ve become foundations of our worldview, how do we begin to take them apart without fear of our safe house of efficient interpretations collapsing? So many people want conversations predicated on agreement, but assume that discussions are equivalent to conflict. Conflict is a part of life. As soon as you have differing views, you’re bound to see those views clash. Isn’t it better to witness those sparks and trace them back to the roots? Look at where these ideas were conceived to examine whether they’re still holding up a meaningful or relevant framework? Or maybe is it time to start evolving? To challenge yourself to stride along with where the world is heading instead of looking at how things were and dragging your heels?

Being a Bulbasaur sure was fun, but that bud has to open sometime.


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