Did Was Not Was make the Jurassic World soundtrack?

How am I meant to talk about anything else when I still haven’t seen Jurassic World? Dinosaurs rampaging on the big screen and @prattprattpratt as a raptor whisperer. It sounds so dumb that I can’t wait. My consumption is gonna be unmarred by critical gaze or expectations. I just want to see gargantuan lizards doing battle, innocent bystanders being devoured and pterodactyls raining down from the sky like vengeful Haast’s Eagles. What I’m saying is, I’m pumped.

I was thinking about pump up songs the other day, how through the years my musical motivation has snaked through different iterations as I’ve grown and changed. Some things stay true to form though. Is there any better pump up song than the anthemic Quad City DJ’s – Space JamPlus ça change, motherfuckers.

When I was a child, things were simple. I liked Michael Jackson, monsters, superheroes and videogames. The following, then, made sense:

Michael Jackson – Beat it. Did children of the 90s grow up without idolising this guy? His History tour was my first concert ever. He had a movie that involved him turning into a giant robot. He was a Megadrive game. This song had it and I loved it.

Mortal Kombat Theme. Loved videogames. The more violent they were, the better. Being able to tear our somebody’s spine or melt their face with acid was a vicarious pleasure I still have yet to experience, so it only follows that as a kid this series called to me. 90s industrial techno wasn’t my jam at that age, but it had names of all the characters. Sold.

I grew a bit and started moving into rock/metal territory.

Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name. It said fuck so many times without being Limp Bizkit. You get the appeal, right?

Trapt – Headstrong. This made me feel like I should be playing high school football. I was no jock though and football wasn’t big back in New Zealand. So instead this was my pump up song for badminton. Nothing got me fired up to slap a cock around with my shaft quite like this track.

Tool – Aenima. Is there anything more motivating than a 6 minute 40 song? Not when you’re 16 and Tool obsessed. I had no particular dislike of LA or its Hollywood denizens, but something about this song (it also said fuck a bunch without being Limp Bizkit. The science works out).

Still, I aged. Music changed. I changed.

Bloc Party – The Prayer. Embarrassment abounds. This song was fine. This song is still fine. I’ve got no problems there. I blush when I think of my use for this song. *Sigh*. This was my pump up to meet girls song. No shit. I’d listen to this on my MPEG-2 Audio Layer III player on the bus, or cranking over my car speakers on the way to a party. This wasn’t about dick swinging, but the idea of being charming, likeable. I wanted to slay with pure white hot wit. Make my value known. Once again, *le sigh*.

Girl Talk – Feed the Animals. The whole album. My introduction to mash up was a revelation. All the things I liked about pop music carefully extracted and squished together. Fuck it, I still “rediscover” this album every few months.

Passion Pit – Make Light. In 2009 this was my most played song in itunes. Something about that drum fill at 2.17 just hit me like a ball of confetti and glitter to the face. I’d listen to this song all the time.

Animal Collective – In the Flowers. This track gave it a run for its money though. 2.28. If I could just leave my body for the night. Those tribal drums kicking in like stampeding beasts. You can bet your sweet asp I sunk my teeth into this one.

Now? Who knows. Gimme a syncopated beat and I’m happy. Or, y’know, A GIANT FUCKING PARK FILLED WITH DINOSAURS.


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