Some deep cutlery.

What the shit guys? How could nobody have told me that there’s a free to play Diablo style MMORPG set in the Marvel Universe? I can be Venom and everything. Not that I have much spare time, but clearly I desire nothing more than sinking my remaining leisure time into hack and slash, web and crush action. The story is written by Brian Michael Bendis too. That’s some pedigree. You haven’t just let me down, but you’ve let yourself down. Or it could just be that I’ve let myself down and I’m looking for a scapegoat. It’s ok if you’re gruff with me. Get it? Goats? Gruff? It’s ok, it was kind of junk. Which is what goats eat, right? EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED!

Went to an outstanding concert last night. Spoon, like The Tick‘s war cry. I was set to review them, but the accreditation fell through. No free show for me. Resigned to just not go, I sighed and considered alternate plans. A friend got in touch, mentioning she’d heard I’d planned to go and asked to come with. I thought about it again and considered it. If I didn’t have this reviewing thing, would I go anyway? It’s The Antlers, one of my favourite bands. It’s Spoon, who had one of the best albums of last year and I haven’t seen since 2007 or so. Have I become such a cheap-ass that I’m missing out on opportunities I would’ve taken otherwise just because I’ve stumbled into a position of privilege? Yes. I have become that cheap and frankly it’s absurd. I told my friend to grab those tickets and went along, transaction and all.

Here’s the difference in not paying for a ticket. I don’t have to bring along my dorky notebook. I don’t have to reframe the entire experience in my head into how it’ll look on a page. I can just enjoy the gig for everything it throws at me instead of plotting narrative strands and meticulously jotting down tracks, lyrics and finding themes. I can let the music wash over me and enjoy it like I always have. Live music has been an enormous part of my life for the past 10 years and in adopting this reviewer post, it has taken a little bit of the magic. One of my primary activities for blowing off steam has become an obligation. If I’ve got something on the line that responsibility is always gonna be floating at the back of my mind. Analysing it in lieu of experiencing it. It’s nice to be able to port my writing experience into a different context. It’s an amazing opportunity to gain access to that privileged side of media coverage. This reviewing thing is a huge boon and helped keep my sanity when times and dimes were tough. I can’t forget though that not landing a gig doesn’t disqualify me from attending. If I wasn’t doing this, I still would’ve paid.

Experiencing a heritage act like Spoon that just keeps reinventing themselves was almost surreal. The set was packed with a range of tracks from across their discography. My friend may well have evacuated her bowels when they dropped one of her favourite covers. I wasn’t nearly as familiar with their back catalogue, but found myself captivated with a slew of tracks I’d never heard. Such presence – the lead guitarist was wild, animalistic. He gave himself over to his craft, playing with an inhuman speed and fervour. There was almost a jamming tone to the whole set, like the basic structure of the songs was in-tact, but they weren’t afraid to mould it into a shape of their choosing. The lighting was exceptional, it felt like we were in a music video. Beams of light meeting at a central point and flicking between colours, silhouettes cast across the walls, interchanging overly saturated tones creating an eerie but enthralling atmosphere. Everything was notched right up and as a pure spectator, the result was mindblowingly compelling. Easily one of the best gigs I’ve seen over the past year and I’ve been to my share.

I’d eagerly see 10,000 Spoon concerts, though I wouldn’t say no to The Knife either.


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