I mean, what’s to stop you from putting meringue on top of cheesecake? That question wasn’t rhetorical. Please do it. You could buy my love.

Meeting the family was lovely. Her mum’s a great hugger, no awkward pauses, nice to get some backfill on the kind of people my favourite person came from. Spoiler, they’re pretty great. Also we had delicious dinner. I opted for shepherd’s pie, which was as delightful as any pie has right to be. An odd choice for a day that got up to around 30°C, but when you’re a recovering hermit who spends most of the day in an air conditioned lair, shepherd’s pie is always a winner. I mean, shepherd’s isn’t always the first flavour I think of when I think of pie, but when the time is ripe for a stodgy treat, it’s tough to beat. You’d think that since I grew up in New Zealand I’d go straight for a classic mince and cheese pie, but my favourite pie isn’t even a mean concoction. I’m a keen fan of a sweet slice of key lime. There’s something about that crumbly crust, topped with sweet (and slightly tart) lime filling (which is basically liquid candy) and meringue topping. If you’re really cruising my good books you could flip it and magic it into a key lime cheesecake instead, but I’m not fussy. In any case I think you’d have earned three wishes from me.

You’d lose these wishes instantly if you picked up my recently remembered pet peeve. What is it with people who play music from their cellphones in public without heaphones or earplugs? Is it braggado, obliviousness, ambivalence or just a total disregard for those around them? At least twice in the past week I’ve had someone sitting next to me on the TTC playing music loudly from their cellphone that’s just sitting in their lap. If you didn’t have headphones, wouldn’t you keep the noise lower but put it closer to your ears so you could hear it? I know how tinny the speakers on those things are (though it seldom makes a difference if you’re listening to metallic auto tune). You’re actively ruining the music for yourself. Earbuds are very very cheap. Even a crappy pair should sound better than what you’re running with. It makes people stare, which might be part of the attraction if you’re an attention starved individual. If you’re not though, this wouldn’t be motivation. It’s rare for someone to say anything. I’m sure in the US someone would pipe up and start a fight, which could also be what people are looking for. I’m using so many conditional modifiers because I have no idea what incites this kind of behaviour. I was still feeling a little sapped today on my way back from picking up the work laptop and some guy was blaring his music full bore. Many people were staring. After a song or two I politely asked the guy “sorry mate, but your music’s a little loud. Mind turning it down a bit? Cheers.” He did. I was relieved. No fuss. Then as I exited the train I heard him turning it back up. So in that case, perhaps no wider perspective.

Speaking of wider perspective, a couple of times in the last while I’ve been watching something and I’ve noticed a lack of action taken against a certain kind of foe. Invisible enemies, specifically ones who possess physical bodies. I see protagonists go up against them, take a licking, heal their wounds and go in for a second strike. So often they’ll just get a blanket or curtain or something. These things can be taken off easily. WHY DOES NOBODY GET SPRAY PAINT OR FLOUR? This stuff sticks to your foe and makes them far easier to spot. Have you ever tried to get flour off quickly and easily? Fuck no. Wet it and you’ll have glue. They’re still fucked and you can go in for the kill instead of shitting yourselves at your invisible nemesis. Not to mention if you get them in the eyes you’ll temporarily blind them, giving you the advantaged of a stunned foe. Don’t say that these things are hard to find. If you can’t find one then surely the other will be around. Other substitutes could be paint, wine (most any coloured liquid that can stain) or gasoline. It surprises me how often these things come up, but they rarely go for the simplest and most effective answers. I’m no monster expert, but come on people. We need to stop giving these demons more of a fighting chance. If you can’t see that, then you’ve lost sight of the goal.


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