Hooray. Getting responded to by an MRA dude is one more thing I can cross off my dreamboard.

So I wrote a thing yesterday (as I do every day. That’s kind of the point here) and for once the comment section lit up. Well, 3 people commented (and I’m 70% sure the 3rd person was just the 2nd person with another fake email address). Exciting times, folks. One guy took the time to write a lengthy diatribe about why I was wrong, men are so hard done by and women are conniving tricksters taking advantage of poor hard working men. Oh, this is the internet. I can just copy/paste:

LOL You sound like a mafia boss ‘chatting’ with a ‘fellow’ restaurant owner ‘man to man’, discussing how great it is to run a successful business, the pride, the joy, the satisfaction of having your customers enjoying their food in a restaurant with unsmashed windows. The deep sleep you must have knowing your restaurant is not burning down after a gas leak. What? No I’m just saying…. that’s good right?

> It is great to be a guy and society lets us know this. Whether we want it or not, it pushes us towards believing that we’re at the forefront of everything, that our role is to stand up and take charge, that our voice counts. We’re strong, commanding and important.

Yep. Men have less legal rights than women! Hurrah for men! Men still do not even have the right to genital integrity. Throughout history men’s role has been to sacrifice himself working down mines, out in the fields, out at sea, and on the battlefield in order to provide resources and protection to women…. for this men have been labelled as systematic oppressors of women.

Men have always had to jump through a variety of expensive hoops before women allow them to their social circle, and traditionally a boyfriend had to agree (in a legally binding contract!) to financially support his girlfriend for life before she would even allow him to get into bed with her or see her naked. For this men have been accused of oppressing women.

Even today men do the remaining manual labour jobs (which is why 95% of workplace deaths are men). Men are given 60% longer sentences for the same crimes as women. Men’s sexuality is defined as inherently rapey, men’s intent as inherently criminal and natural boy behaviour is now defined in the educational system as being a problem which requires forced medication. Boys are now essentially being defined as ‘defective girls’.

In keeping with men’s lower status (as society’s manual labourers, infrastructure builders and maintainers and financial supporters of women) men serving women (He for She) is now defined as ‘gender equality’.

But despite being kicked in the nuts every day men persevere. They refuse to define THEMSELVES as victims, cleverly shifting this burden onto women’s shoulders! Making women feel depressed and insecure instead (despite having more rights, more privileges and more of a voice than men).

This eschewing of the label ‘victim’ is what gives men the energy and the vigour to excel and to innovate and to be productive in society. The only downside is that a lot of women exploit men’s clever psychological trick by playing the role of victim so convincingly that society ends up actually believing women have it worse than men…. which these women then use to justify demanding special treatment and free stuff – most of which is paid for by those carefree productive men!

Thus men are – in their bid for freedom – ending up further enslaved to women. Their strategy only worked in the age before women had the use of big socialist governments with the legal right to control men by force and confiscate their property by force.

And now for feminist joke of the day.

A young woman with no particular qualifications to speak on gender / social issues walks into a UN conference room and announces to the whole world – via an overwhelmingly pro feminist media – that women have no voice and are not listened to. Boom Tsh!

The joke is she was not even being sarcastic.

Emma Watson is a joke. But Emma Watson plus the UN is serious business. You traditional patriarchal men better watch out because modern feminism IS patriarchy, but on steroids!

Patriarchy = women and children first
Feminism = He for She

It’s the same thing (minus the concern for children).

Feminists are using men’s patriarchal psychological trick against them by playing the burdening role of the victim for their own benefit, in an aggressive way that is the furthest thing from actual victimhood.”

So I decided to write a comment (that got more ad hominem than I’d intended) and since I’m lazy and spent time on it, I’m using it as my daily writing today.

This reminded me of a Bo Burnham joke.
“For every dollar that a man makes, a woman makes 70 cents. That’s not fair. The man’s only left with 30.”

Thing is, it’s a joke playing on the fact that real inequality does exist. Bo knows this, I’m not sure that you do.

I don’t want to get into a protracted debate with an MRA/redpill denizen, because I don’t know if you’re actually capable of seeing things outside of your entrenched myopic scope. I feel like you want to see things a certain way, so you eschew any evidence to the contrary. It’s a pity, because you’re the exact archetype of person that this post could most benefit.

There’s not much that can be done with someone who’s not willing to learn, and while I suggest that despite your bias you go and read that male privilege checklist (even though the word “privilege” probably raises your hackles), you probably won’t.

I don’t know how you were hurt by a woman at some stage in your life (given your above example of the “legally binding contract”. Did you also know that in your example the women were traded like property and had next to no legal rights?). Maybe your advances were spurned, causing you to adopt an “it’s not me, it’s her” position that extended to everyone who shared her chromosome configuration. Maybe the pervasive media narrative told you that as the hero of your own life’s story, you “deserve” a woman and you bought into that.

As someone who professes to the value and integrity of hard work though, you probably understand that nothing is necessarily “deserved” and things don’t just come to you. That’s not how life works. In this case, it seems like the hard work you need to do is to examine why it is you think the way you do and whether that’s actually making you happy. Googling your name very quickly showed a couple of comments on other people’s blogs with angry pro men’s rights rants. That doesn’t sound like the behaviour of a person who’s happy with their lot in their life. Maybe instead of placing the blame on roughly half the population (sorry trans-folk. You matter, but I’m not sure of specific numbers), you look at how you behave towards the rest of the world and think about whether that’s actually doing you any good. Try listening instead of talking for a little bit and see if you learn anything.

Or stay angry and see where that gets you.

If I know the internet like I think I know the internet, this probably isn’t over.


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