This might be yawn-ic to you, but I didn’t want to pussyfoot around it.

So there are ads on the TTC advertising labiaplasty/vaginoplasty. I don’t know about you, but even raising the idea that there can be something aesthetically wrong with a vagina is many kinds of shite. No matter how much someone disliked the look of their vagina, there’s no way it could look worse than a scrotum. The look of your vagina doesn’t impact how it works. From a guy’s perspective (if that mattered), please don’t think that this is a concern any of us have. I’m not gonna tell any woman what to do, that’s totally not my place. I know if any woman had qualms about having sex with me because my balls naturally hang, I probably wouldn’t want them in my bed. Body shaming is body shaming, but targeting such an intimate area with something that should never be a concern raises my hackles something chronic. Considering there’s dumb religious advertising throughout the public transport system preying on the fears of the emotionally fragile (and responding with scripture that doesn’t address the question they had in the first place. Person: Dear God, what do I do about my unwanted pregnancy? God: I am The Way, The Truth and The Light.), it’s significant that this struck a chord with me. With this in mind, I sent my first complaint to the TTC:

Subject: Cosmetic surgery ads
Hey guys.

I’d like to make a complaint about the labiaplasty/vaginoplasty ads on the TTC. I’m not gonna poke my head into the business of whether or not there’s an issue with advertising cosmetic surgery, but surely these cross some type of line? Yes I realise that these ads adhere to the Ontario Human Rights code and the Canadian Code of Advertising. Still, perpetuating the idea that there can be anything aesthetically wrong with a vagina (and potentially raising this insecurity in impressionable teenagers) is morally a pretty dark area. I’m not some conservative parent or anything, but this obviously stuck out enough to make me as a late 20s straight white dude feel an email was warranted. I can’t even begin to imagine what I’d feel like if I actually owned a vagina.

Is it not possible for them to just replace the labiaplasty/vaginoplasty ads with others from their campaign? Young girls surely don’t need to be given one more unnecessary reason to hate themselves.


I’m sure I’ll get a diplomatic response telling me to fuck off and that they’re not gonna do shit. That’s entirely fair. We’re in a capitalist system and they’re being offered capital to display the ad. Unless the potential bad will outweighed the income they garner from posting it up, there’d be no reason for them to accommodate my complaint. If anyone else wanted to follow suit and complain the address is back at the beginning of the email. Do it if you want, but I’m not aiming to make a crusade out of this. I just thought it was pretty shitty.

Vaginas are great. I’m a fan. Spread them with joy, not judgement.


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