It’s canal or never. Inguinious.

This update is gonna involve talk of body parts and things of a sexual nature, so if that’s not your bag perhaps you should come back tomorrow.

As for the rest of you, I just learned something exciting. Quick question, how often do you find out that you’ve got a body part you never knew existed? Furthermore, how often does that body part end up being something you can use for sexual pleasure? If any of you are like me, you probably feel like some leprechaun just took you by the hand and dropped you at the end of the rainbow. Does it taste like skittles? It may kill the buzz for some of you, but this will only be relevant to your own body if you were born with a penis. Sorry. Though if you’re a vagina owning person who likes playing with penises, this could be something fun for you to play with if your partner is willing.

The words “inguinal canal” are probably not news to any trans women out there, but being a basic bitch cis dude they were all new to me. I mean, I knew canals existed, just not inside of me. What these things are is the space where a scrotum’s balls hung out before they decided to hang out. Once the balls descend, they expand in size and do their thing. The canal still exists, mostly forgotten. I say mostly, because if you’ve ever heard of a trans woman “tucking”, this is where they’re tucking. ” But Leon” you say “what was that whole expansion business? How do they fit? Practice. And stretching. When they’re vacated though, they can be used like an ersatz male vagina. The process of inserting stuff into them is known as “muffing” (the term to Google if you want to find someone wiser and more experienced to explain it).

Finding them on yourself is tough, even if you know what you’re looking for. My girlfriend was poking around for a while and neither of us actually knew if we’d found them. After some time we found unmistakable little rings no bigger than the width of my¬†pinky finger that gave a bit when pushed. The canals run diagonally upwards away from the sides of your penis. Obviously there’s no break in the skin, but the hole feels like it’s deeper the more you apply pressure. If you’re interested it’s well worth looking up diagrams to guide the way. Having a partner to do some exploring certainly helped too.

I found it to be a weird sensation. Not painful and not hugely pleasurable, but somewhere in between. There were some nerves that felt like they might feel titillated if I could just get a little deeper. The person in the instructional video we found could fit a strap on in there, so practice surely counts for something. It’s interesting to discover something new about your body and the best part is there are no messy fluids or anything. Lube would probably help you to press deeper and really get to those pleasurable nerve clusters. As I’m no experienced spelunker, I implore scrotum owners to give it a try. If you manage to get to the bottom of it let me know how it goes, I’m fascinated.


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