“So I know you’re not into men, but I just thought it’d be funny to mention that when I was 20 I thought I was gonna marry you. This doesn’t have to be awkward. Wait, are those tazers?”

I guess any self-fellation in yesterday’s 900th post was short lived. Tonight I’m staring at the internet hoping it’ll come up with some gem to write about instead of rambling incessantly. It took me long enough to notice the obvious trend in my writing. If I go into an entry with a cohesive idea in mind, things turn out much better than blindly lurching around in the dark, fumbling for any stable idea. I’ve had a couple of thoughts bouncing around all day, but nothing with the right kind of juicy density that makes steak so sumptuous to eat.

Ideas conceived and rejected:

  • My left tit still hurts. I’ve heard nothing back about my ultrasound, but it still hurts to run or jump. Pressing on the nipple brings its own unique pain. Nobody seems to know what it is, but it’s not like they’ve disproved my alien parasite theory. The idea didn’t get much further than that.
  • You’re the Worst season 2 began yesterday. Thing is, no matter how much I recommend the show, people just aren’t biting. It’s not quite their cup of tea or whatever. That’s fine, but it does negate the point in talking about it. There goes that line of thought. Watch the show already, geez.
  • I was chatting with a friend last night and the subject of break ups came up. I related my story of knowing I’d wanted to break up with a long term partner, but not wanting to throw her out right before her big exams. I kept it in and went through the motions, which had me acting sort of robotic, as if I expected her to do the heavy lifting and realise something was wrong. Either that or maybe I’d thought my feelings would change. My resolve didn’t waver and a few days post exams I went through with it. I’d told this to another partner later on. She balked at how callous and disingenuous of me it was to keep going on with something when my heart wasn’t in it. She said if that ever happened to her she’d want her partner to just do it regardless of any exams she had. The obvious twist is that she did have big exams and I broke up with her just beforehand. She ended up failing her exam, which she couldn’t retake for another 3 months. I felt shitty, but not as shitty as I’d felt in the relationship. Was I right to follow her wishes? Or should I have trusted my gut and just held out? To this day I don’t know.
  • I don’t get the pumpkin spiced latte thing. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I’m kind of surprised it doesn’t appeal to me. I love sweet drinks and I love coffee. A morning mocha is a daily ritual for me. Something about the flavour though doesn’t tickle my tasty tongue bits. Also whipped cream is a total turn-off on hot drinks. I guess being an anti-starbucks coffee bigot doesn’t help either. You know, it entirely makes sense that it doesn’t appeal to me. Thanks for helping me work it out.
  • The new Magic set Battle for Zendikar is in spoilers season right now, which I guess I could’ve talked about. It seems late in the game to get into it now. It’s taxing most of my workplace reading time, checking on spoilers whenever something has to load. I still haven’t balanced the amount of time reading Magic articles and physically playing, but I’m trying. People are just too damn busy to come over and play. I may be one of those people, so I’m the problem.
  • I’ve missed the boat on TIFF and I feel like it’s too late to start venturing into the program, figuring out what I really want to see (outside of Anomalisa which is sure to get a widespread release anyway) and scrambling to find viable screening times. The concept of having to line up for 40+ minutes to see a movie feels overwrought for me, which kills most of the fun. I’m not into the celeb gazing thing (and I can’t figure out anything I’d say to Ellen Page about how I wanted to marry her at age 20 without coming off as creepy, so that interaction is tainted), I don’t like people trying to sell me stuff, so my best bet is to just avoid the city for the most part. TIFF just ain’t my kind of festival.
  • JFL42 is though and it’s just over 2 weeks away. I found out I’m getting media accreditation so hopefully I’ll be able to add a few headliners to my ticket. My editor says all I need to submit is one article once the festival is over, which probably needs to be sub 1000 words. So much reward, so little work. Now the hard part will be selling my old ticket.
  • I went to the dentist yesterday, which is always a fun experience. I was lucky enough to have been gifted nice teeth and my mum (former dental hygienist) taught me to take care of them. The dentist was lovely and stoked she had such little work to do, so she slipped me an extra treatment that might not have been covered by benefits. Win win.

Like I said, nothing with enough guts to warrant an entire entry (though I’ve written about stuff with less importance before). Still, sometimes you go for steak when you just want the fries on the side. Hope this filled you up.


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