I’ll be ‘avin’ a laff. Or two. Maybe 5+.

Media accreditation for JFL42 came in today, so it’s all kinds of exciting for me to announce what that entails:

  • Tickets to all headliner shows.
  • 4 tokens to book club shows.
  • Guestlist privilege to access booked out shows.

Insane. Just insane. All day I’ve been wondering what I’ve done to deserve this, which I think’ll be the eternal question hanging over my head as I try to take in as much comedy as humanly possible. Last year I got to 19 shows, this year I want to amp it up beyond that. I’ve socially booked off the entirety of the festival (September 24-October 3), so nothing can come between me and a metric fuckton of live comedy. 2-4 shows every night, depending on the trials of public transport (unfortunately most of the headliner shows are 30+ minutes away from all the smaller gigs I love so much). It’s basically a dream come true, given that my interests over the past few years have heavily converged on stand up comedy.

Still, I’m relatively new to it. My interest in stand up and podcasts have grown together. The more comedy podcasts I’ve listened to, the larger range of stand up comics I’ve been introduced to. My tastes, then, seem to gravitate towards those who I’ve heard recorded, often even when I haven’t heard their stand up material. I’m a comedy basic bitch, in other words. Still, it worked in the case of Bo Burnham, Cameron Esposito and a few others, it can’t be all bad. I thought I’d take some time today to do a pre-emptive view of the festival, what I’m wanting to see, in order to compare with how the festival goes.

Here’s my comedy basic bitch pre-view of what I’m intending to enjoy:

Headliners: Bill Burr, Craig Ferguson, Trevor Noah, Hannibal Buress, John Mulaney and Chris Hardwick.
Absent from this list are Miranda Sings and Patton Oswalt. Miranda Sings I’m not too familiar with, but from what I’ve seen on youtube she skews for demographic that isn’t my kind of thing. Nothing wrong with her, but not something I’m keen to dabble with. Oswalt I’m a fan of, but he’s scheduled at the same time as Pete Holmes’ You Made it Weird podcast. It’s a gig I’ve seen twice before, both times resulting in me leaving coated in laugh sweat. Not something I’d like to miss. There’s a lack of mass female representation in this festival and the headliners are pretty indicative of this. Still, let’s see what else I’m hoping to catch.

Other shows (alphabetically):

  • Andy Kindler. He’s a master of the art, doing a bunch of midnight showcases (and my poor 9-5 job? What 9-5 job?) and improvised riffing all the way through.
  • Aparna Nancherla. I’ve never heard her, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from seeing a bunch of queer comedy, it’s that hearing comedy outside of mainstream white cis voices is something special.
  • Ari Shaffir. I like his storytelling show. I want to see what else he’s got.
  • Brian Posehn. I’ve heard him around the podcast circuit.
  • Chris Gethard. Killed it opening for Mike Birbiglia last year. I wouldn’t miss it.
  • Doug Loves Movies Podcast. I do love my live podcasts. One of my highlights from last year.
  • Dr Katz Live. Likely a similar format to a podcast. It’s a throwback and like Cerebos salt, I want to see how it runs.
  • Gilbert Gottfried. Curiousity. Simple curiousity.
  • Grace Helbig. It’s a live podcast. Oddly I don’t like her youtube stuff much, but whenever she’s on a podcast she seems funny as shit.
  • Iliza Shlesinger. She can be pretty cutting when she wants to. I’m up for that.
  • Jake and Amir. Plenty of Collegehumour videos. Want to see what they come up with live.
  • Joe Mande. Heard a couple of sets. Liked ’em.
  • John Hodgman. A clever guy with a style I’m fond of.
  • Kurt Braunohler. Another white male comic I’ve heard around the place.
  • Kyle Kinane. Seen him a few times before. He’s never disappointed.
  • Moshe Kasher. He cancelled on us here in Toronto a few months back. I’d like him to make good on that. Plus he’s a clever, shrewd Jew.
  • Natasha Leggero. I’m split on this. I like her, I just don’t know how much I’m into her glamourpuss style material. I’m hoping to be impressed.
  • Pete Holmes. One sharpshooting sonofabitch. I love Pete almost as much as he loves himself.
  • The Crimson Wave. These local gals are fucking great. I’ve seen ’em around a bunch at smaller shows, but I’d love to see them at their most polished.
  • T.J. Miller. What’s not to love. Smart and acerbic. I’m sure he’ll be booked out after Silicon Valley was so popular, might need to pull the guest list here.
  • Second City. Somehow I’ve never seen one of their revues (budgetary concerns) but I’ve been dying to. Seeing it for free on the back of my pass seems like winning an invisible lottery.

Beyond that, there are another 20 or so acts who could potentially knock the shit out of my socks. Well socks, prepare for a beating, JFL42 is exactly 2 weeks away.


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