Do you care a lot about Transformers ’cause they’re more than meets the eye? THEN VOTE, DUMMY.

Election day here in Canada. I’d say that I’m gonna exercise my given right as a citizen of this country to vote today, but I already did it last week. It kinda takes the wind out of the ol’ sails there. You know what does fill me with bluster though? The kind of ignorant shit I’ve seen being spewed out on Facebook. Thankfully I haven’t seen it from any of my friends, but looking at friends of friends posting proud idiotic statement after increasingly idiotic statement kind of makes me believe that we get the government we deserve. It’s almost like 90s hack comedy.

Young people be all “I’m not well versed on the finer points of this election, so there’s no point casting a vote. If I’m not making an informed choice, why make a choice at all?”
Old people be all “I’m not well versed on the finer points of this election. I’ll just go for the guy who’s racist like me.”

Guess who wins?

I’m not even a particularly political fellow, but fuck our generation. Many old people may be racist, ignorant and poorly principled, but at least they stand behind those racist ignorant principles. Young people seem to be expending more effort looking for reasons not to vote than the amount of effort it takes to go to a place and tick a box. UBER is giving free rides to and from the polling station. A sportsball game is no excuse, just go earlier. If work is a problem your employer legally has to make sure you have the time to get there. If you’re not well educated, take 10 minutes and look up central policies. You’ll be more educated than you were. That’s good enough. Someone wrote that no party 100% gave them everything they wanted, so they weren’t voting for anyone. That’s the most entitled bullshit I’ve heard. Does life give you 100% of what you want? Get over it.

I think the most alarming thing I heard today from someone bragging about how they weren’t voting was something along the lines of “I don’t care what you say. I said what I wanted to say and that is all.” Well why the fuck are you posting a dissenting view in a thread about going along to vote then? How would you not expect your view to be challenged? Why are you even fucking raising it then? That’s not a discussion, that’s you taking someone up on an invitation to a party, taking a shit on the floor and refusing to take responsibility for your actions. I feel like one of the most dangerous mentalities in this world is the refusal to even consider alternate points of view. You have every right to listen and say “hell no, that doesn’t jibe with me”, but saying what you want, plugging your ears and saying “LALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU” is childish at best and children are fucking idiots. It’s not their fault, but they are. Are you no smarter than a kid?

Stubborn ignorance is what flat out stops progress. Believing that the world is black and white prevents the ability to see what things could be instead of what they are. Do you like flying? The internet? Refrigerated food? Pockets in dresses?These things would not have been possible without someone looking at the world and thinking hey, maybe something different is possible. Do you not like your personal information being more easily compromised? The potential of your citizenship to be revoked? Maybe say something about it in some microcosmic way. If you do like those things and want to ensure those damn foreigners taking our jobs and wimmen go back to their own country then vote, maintain the status quo. Do what you want. Hell, don’t vote if you want to, but if you don’t, maybe avoid trumpeting your ignorance around with pride.

If you care about things but don’t feel like you’re well informed enough to vote, just keep this in mind: Stupid people will vote and they don’t give a shit if they’re making a considered choice or not. Do you not like the choices they make? Maybe do something about it or shut the fuck up.


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