Did I Boggle their minds? I do that.

I’m not a normal person. This is news to exactly zero persons. If you’ve read anything I’ve written here, including the first two sentences of this paragraph, I’m sure you got that idea tout de suite. I know it, you know it and the rest of the world seems to know it. I’ve made my peace with it. I’m okay being the grown man who’s irrationally excited about getting to play Boggle tonight. I’m fine that my “wide berth” puns don’t land at the office (lies. You’re still bitter that didn’t get an applause break -Ed). I can even handle the fact the quick denial or silence responding to almost anything I say around here. What I’m not so copacetic about is this absurd notion of costume elitism that has people telling me that my tiger onesie isn’t a valid Halloween costume.

Cards on the table, I just want to use tomorrow as an excuse to wear what essentially amounts to a pair of pyjamas to work. They’re super comfy and the notion of workwear that includes a fur lined hood with ears and a tail on my bum takes me back to a time when I worked in a studio and owned a studio snuggie. Still, if there’s anything arts courses taught me it’s that anything is fine with adequate justification.

Team members have mentioned to me several times that I can’t just wear a onesie as a costume. They’ve also mentioned that they’re not dressing up, but “still” a onesie isn’t a costume. Another co-worker mentioned she might just wear cat ears. This was deemed as fine. I don’t understand what kind of values are attached here. Adornments to the head are justified, but a full body suit isn’t? Is it because I haven’t made the costume? People hire costumes all the time. I just happen to have found mine at a thrift store for $8. Also tigers are vicious beasts able to rend humans limb from limb. How is this not appropriate Halloween wear? I figure almost anything works for Halloween. It’s a day that celebrates the veil between the physical and spirit world at its thinnest means we can be what we want to be. If the trappings of reality are at their slimmest, why can’t I be a tiger? Why would face paint and teeth be necessary to make this costume proper attire? Part of the fun is being able to celebrate to whatever level you deem enjoyable.

I also hate the idea of elitism attached. Things evolve constantly and Halloween has come to move away from solely scary things and now is just an excuse to dress up. You can celebrate the things you enjoy in a way more reminiscent of Comicon or the like. It’s about enthusiasm and joy. I’m fine with this. Someone told me she was planning to dress up as a strawberry. How great is that? Why not be a seed covered fruit? The idea of sentient fruit is kind of terrifying to me anyway. Imagine a whole punnet of thinking, feeling little red orbs of sweetness staring back at you, silently judging you. *Shudder*.

Okay, so extra little disclosure: My onesie costume is just easier than my actual Halloween costume. My costume has a mask, accessories. The chance I’d actually be able to work in my costume is pretty unrealistic. I’d be constantly removing pieces and putting them on just for show. Why not have something that works by simply donning my hood? To be honest I think people are just jealous they don’t have such an easy costume on tap (let alone have a spare onesie at home just in case). Then again, I’m not a normal person, right?

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