Boo all that you wish you could boo.

Holy hell. How can one holiday be so amazing? Halloween’s always been my favourite, but North American Halloween relentlessly shit all over anything I had back home. The level of craft people put into their costumes, the huge installations that their houses become, it’s astounding. It’s such a brilliant holiday that I wonder why we restrict it to one weekend. Seriously, why don’t we share the love and expand our scope of what Halloween can be? Think about it, as soon as the 31st has passed Christmas decorations line the shelves and anything spooky goes on clearance.


Massive pumpkins for next to nothing. Colossal monsters like this filled with candy. Got $10? It’s all yours. A SECOND CHANCE TO WEAR YOUR COSTUME! You put so much work into it all for one night. You know how people rue the fact that they only get to wear their wedding dress once? Fuck that noise. How much did you pay for all your costume components? Divide your cost per use in twain, wear it again. Also this time you can wear it better. How pressing was that l’esprit d’escalier? I’m sure by the end of last night you figured out a ton of clever pick up lines or things you should’ve said based on your garb. You can make things right and win the night this time. How often are you handed a metaphorical time turner? Fuck Buckbeak, save yourself. Halloween 2: This time it’s personal.

Of course, try as I might I don’t think I’d be able to top last night’s party. The level of attention to decor was mindblowing. Virtually every ounce of space in the house was draped in some form of macabre decoration. Whether it was the decapitated head and eyeball lights in the microwave, the bathroom full of scary clowns (lit only by an epilepsy inducing blinking white light) or the Halloween nativity scene with Yoda performing a shamanic ritual over a skeleton with guts made from tube lighting, they got the decor right. Really though, that doesn’t even scratch the surface. Loving attention to detail was everywhere. The record player had a doll mounted over the spindle as if pole dancing. The place was littered with dolls, decapitated, with black tape over body parts, suspended from the ceiling or cut into bow wrapped bits à la Dexter. There was a photo area with a massive Frankenstein’s Monster backdrop. In lieu of masks or cardboard hearts that’ve become a staple of weddings these days, there were an assortment of weapons and tools. A saw, an axe, a cordless drill, pliers and any other torture implement you could think of. To be clear, these weren’t plastic props, but actual tools/weapons. Oh, and just for ambience there was a mannequin covered in arcane symbols with a translucent sheet draped atop it. The party was a fucking blast and everything I’d ever want to accomplish in a Halloween party (or any party for that matter. Wedding, bar mitzvah, you name it I would’ve held it there).

It also made me think about the idea of cultivating a space to be your own. The couple who threw the party have locked down adulthood in every way that I dream of. They’ve managed to entwine responsibility with the abject goal of being whoever the fuck they want. Their home speaks to this, it’s filled with artifacts of what they’ve done and what they’d desire. When it’s not decked out with horror finery it’s a wondrous emporium of toys, comics, occult objects, tiki bar decor and everything else that makes them happy. It’s uncompromisingly them and it’s everything I’d aspire to build around myself. Of course all those objects are just “things”, but they’re representative of a certain attitude and M.O. I admire so much. The fact that remnants of party decorations in my house tend to stay where they are (I still have streamers on my ceiling from a party over a year ago) speaks to the fact that I want the space I reside in to evoke an aura of myself. I want the place that I live to make me happy when I wake up, a stronghold of refuge away from a world that operates in its own way without me. I want to know that when I come home I can feel at home.

Unless this is me trying to justify not taking down the spider webs on our porch. Those things are beyond cumbersome to clean.


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