Stuckeyville in the past.

Settling down after recent active times, I decided to do my best sloth imitation and sit unmoving in front of my computer. It’d been a while since I’d accomplished more than 2 hours of TV in a single night and I was all set for a view-in. I had things to catch up on, shows I’d never seen. What’d I watch?

Ash vs Evil Dead episode 1: 

Nailed it. If there’s an adaptation that got it 100% correct, it’s Starz’ Ash vs Evil Dead. Slapstick and gratuitous with humour oozing through every gaping wound. The casting is on point, with Bruce Campbell reprising his famed role as Ash Williams. Seeing Lucy Lawless was a spectacular surprise and I can’t wait to see how it all fills out. The action is fast paced and graphic, self-aware enough to have a blast with its own malleable subject matter. Having Raimi at the helm again has proven to be a solid choice and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this weekly.

The Flash episodes 1 & 2:

I grabbed this one because a critical mass of people have been loving it. The idea of something a little more lighthearted seemed fun, harmless. It’s probably the best way to describe it so far. It’s all types of silly, the dialogue is a little grandiose, there’s that whole police procedural thing crammed in there. Still, it’s campy and fluffy enough to binge watch. Seeing Tom Cavanagh back onscreen after enjoying Ed so much in my childhood was a delight. Is it gonna turn out that his dad had Flash powers and fought some yellow Flash person on the night his mum was killed? Or was that the lead character somehow using his powers to travel back in time in an effort to save her? While I’m kind of teetering in my interest, I know this is the kind of show I’ll end up devouring an entire season of in a few days (when it’s obvious I have much better things to watch that aren’t quite as easy to digest). I entirely get why it’s so popular. I’ve never been a DC comics person, but The Flash always had a good sense of humour to him. Hopefully they’ll weave that in as the series matures.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend episode 1:

The words critical success and commercial failure usually tend to highlight a show worth watching that unfortunately won’t be around for long. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has fantastic pacing and tight scripting that really appeal to me. It’s lighthearted, with a nice dose of cynicism it never chooses to dwell on too heavily. Things get ludicrous all too quickly and the bounds of reality and fantasy blur within the first few minutes. There’s no way I would’ve thought a musical about a neurotic overqualified lawyer stalking her ex boyfriend in a small town would’ve appealed to me. Then again I did grow up on Ally McBeal and the aforementioned Ed, so in retrospect it’s exactly up my alley. Even if you don’t think this could be your kind of thing, it might be. It’s an easy buy-in and pays off straight from the first episode. A quick throwaway line in the middle of a song becomes an outstanding end tag and that’s the kind of sharp comedy that really draws me. Having a 42 minute comedy that doesn’t drag under its weight is quite the achievement and I’m keen to tuck into the rest of the series.

So it turns out that living in the golden age of television is paying dividends. Who knew? One day I’ll get back to Game of Thrones season 4 and 5, pick West Wing back up in season 2, or renew my New Years resolution of watching Seinfeld in the new year (I’ve merely finished season 2 in the past 10 months).

Or maybe I’ll just go back and rewatch Ed.


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