Considering how imposing that 30 minutes felt, it was over in a Flash.

Sorry team, inspiration hasn’t struck me today. I’m sitting here with a crisp half hour in front of me and I can’t knuckle down and put finger to keyboard with emphatic intent. I’m not just letting you all down, I’m letting myself down. Everything’s fucked. The world is in disarray and there’s nought we can do about it. My girlfriend accidentally cut her finger. That sucks, right? You know what’s worse? The hospital may have treated her for free (with the whole process taking less than an hour) because Canada has a fantastic healthcare system, but they didn’t even give her a Spider-Man sticking plaster. What bullshit is that? Where are your tax dollars going if she can’t even get a goddamn webslinger tattoo? WHY ARE WE EVEN BUYING INTO THIS SYSTEM? WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

Forgive me, I haven’t been getting out much this week. I’m getting a little loopy. To be honest, I haven’t been getting out at all. It’s been fucking glorious. It’s just been a week spent travelling to and from work. I’ve been vegging out in front of the computer, binge watching The Flash. It’s not even a great show, but the allure of not having to move for several hours while gorging myself on leftover Halloween chocolate has superseded any notions of being sociable with the outside world. You don’t like it? I hear you say then why do you watch it? Because it’s entertaining. Because it involves no thought, you’re lead from start to end and occasionally that’s enticing.

The show is pretty predictable, but it’s not without merit. Yes, they’re gonna have him meet the villain at the start. He’ll get beaten, then go back to the lab and they’ll figure out a way to beat the baddie with science. Then there’ll be a post credits scene giving insight to Tom Cavanaugh’s overarching scheme. It’s stacked full of conventionally attractive people, but there are enough signs that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Sure, they try to claim science and accuracy in parts, but then they’ll have unimportant scenes that subvert the true levels of his speed for a quick laugh. To be clear, I’m 100% ok with this. It’s a comic book, suspension of disbelief comes with the territory.

The villains are kid of dumb and that’s all part of the fun. All the CGI and slow motion effects they use are engaging and a joy to watch play out. There’s a constant hero’s journey at play that sees skills being upgraded or abilities being improvised on the fly. They figure out a number of neat ways to use the powers in unconventional ways that liven up the proceedings. I like the characters. As the show progresses they’re able to flesh these people out more effectively. The central dynamics have life and fragility in them. Characters aren’t afraid to show weakness or vulnerability and having any hero or figure of admiration being able to admit to inadequacy strikes me as a good role model for impressionable youngsters. While I don’t see myself picking Arrow any time soon, having crossover characters and episodes feels so immersively comic book-ish. How many times would one hero enter another’s plotlines? It feels true to the medium and really lifts the show. The possibility that a fully realised crossover character could show up and interact with another’s scenario brings a whole world of potential to a network TV show. Thumbs up from me.

Consuming generic television garbage with the rest of society? Broadcast television sedation, a chump suckling from the teet of capitalist society? Maybe I’m the problem. Sheeple I am. Is it my fault that my girlfriend didn’t get a Spider-Man plaster?

I are the demons.


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