I’ve never managed to listen to the entirety of Chocolate Rain without skipping. Clearly it’s just 2 real 4 me.

This morning I awoke with a thought in my noggin. What the hell happened to Tay Zonday? There was a guy with a unique voice, both literally and metaphorically. Also breath so powerful he had to step away from the mic. I’d always wondered if he’d turn the joke around on the rest of the world to find success. Perusing the official Tay Zonday website, I’m still not sure. The comedy reel was blown off course by poor writing, I’m not certain acting is his forte. That voice though? He’s actually surprisingly versatile in his commercial reels. Enough that I was surprised that the Honda commercial was him at all. A friend says he’s a fixture in Hearthstone commentary clips, so that’s something. Good on him. I’m sure it would’ve been all too easy to Starwars Kid and crumble under the pressure, but regardless of what people thought of Chocolate Rain, he’s still out there creating and hopefully recouping something for his efforts. He’s racking up 50,000 hits or so with each clip he puts out. Does Google kick him a few shekels for that?

I just had a look to check what Rebecca Black has been up to. To be honest, she might even be doing better for herself than dear old Tay. Yes, she was a complete figure of ridicule in 2011 after the release of Friday, but she was just a kid. Once again she could’ve turtled up and frittered her life away in therapy to get over the intense psychological stress. She didn’t though. She’s still out there making music that rack up tens of millions of hits. It looks like she’s become some kind of Youtube blogger person, doing self-help and motivation for other kids. It’s kind of admirable what both her and Tay have roughed out and ridden in order to keep at it.

I have no idea how much talent either of these folks have, or had at the time. It could’ve been that they had exposure before they could back it up convincingly. There’s also a strange paradox whereby possessing more talent would’ve stopped them from going viral. The perseverance that they both harnessed is impressive though. What would you do given the same trials? The same opportunities? I know I’ve borderline given up on some days because I couldn’t find exactly the kind of sandwich I want. Hell, I can’t even buy a shirt without feeling like shit. If I couldn’t listen to the world around me without hearing constant ridicule, I’d probably plug up my ears and leave society. Chances are I wouldn’t still be out there 4 years later hustling to follow my dream. Maybe that’s what Chocolate Rain is. When the world’s shitting on you constantly you can either soak it in and feel the pain, or utilize whatever reserves you have to keep dry in the struggle.

Plot twist: Tay is Shakespeare reborn.


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