Occasionally there’s life to be found in wreckage. Not always though…

God damn. I don’t feel like doing this right now and I can’t articulate why with anything more mature than but I don’t waaaaanna. I can’t be arsed, I’ve got no inspiration, I feel like I’m boiling alive in my flat. My back feels welded to this chair. You know that awful sticky feeling where you’re practically peeling your skin soaked back off a fabric chair? I do, which is why I can’t even bring myself to move. Ugh. If I was smart I’d open a window. Because I’m irrationally stubborn, I’ll now do so without leaving my chair.

I did it, but having difficulty finding purchase on in bare feet on a wooden floor, I just grabbed things to propel myself across the room. Frankly for a moment there I felt like I was in outer space or underwater. Transported beyond my room in an attempt to reach the boundaries of said room. Oh shit. It’s Canada and winter. In the mere minute or so I’ve spent having returned from the window, the room got cold again. Is this gonna be some absurd merry-go-round activity with a computer chair in lieu of a horse on a pole?

If you’ve suspected this circuitous conversation means I have nothing interesting to talk about then you’d be right. It’s strange, but after post number 1000 this all seems a little anti-climactic. Yes, I’ve reached other milestones before. Obviously though, 1000 is the most notable one so far. I know these entries are more interesting when I start with an idea loaded into the chamber, so I apologise for firing blanks. Even my own parents admitted they only read 15-20% of my entries (a higher number than I thought). I’m not worried or disappointed. Clearly a certain percentage of entries are waffling bollocks like this and that’s okay. It just means the gold shines ever brighter through this dross. So with nothing important to tackle, let’s just have a one-sided chat, shoot the shit, chew the fat. Right, that’s not how sane people talk to other people.

I watched Sleeping with Other People tonight. I’ve been waiting for Alison Brie to find the spotlight since her turn as little Annie Edison in Community. She’s got fantastic comic timing and electric to watch on screen. The film had gotten mediocre reviews, but I’m happy to throw my lot in with it. Yes, the ending was as conventional as you’d guess, but the journey felt worth it. Brie and Sudeikis had great chemistry with palpable sexual tension. I certainly don’t want to be the only review to not cram the words When Harry Met Sally in somewhere. The beats of relationship growth felt real, familiar. The banter and camaraderie were earned and engrossing to be a part of. There’s a scene where Sudeikis steps out from a cab and the ensuing score was perfect. I wanted them together, despite acknowledging the predictable nature of it. That’s something, right? The script fluctuated. At times it flowed smoothly only to be jostled by a few unnecessary moments. I enjoyed the film. I also found myself reaching for my phone every once in a while, so clearly it wasn’t mindblowing. I’m also torn on whether or not I’d want to go to a kid’s birthday party rolling on MDMA. Would my answer change if they had a bouncy castle?

I don’t know where this is going. I’ve got no great conclusive wrap up or anything. I guess it’s okay sometimes to feel lost, adrift and unsure like a computer chair being propelled by the foolish stubbornness of an idiot with a sweaty back. Sometimes you’ll choose a shitty metaphor and instead of editing, you’ll just double down to your own detriment. Things don’t always have to work out perfectly, because it makes those times that do seem extra special.

You know what though? My back no longer feels sweaty and I may even stand up to close the window. Maybe there was method to my madness after all.


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