Since Yule’ve been gone.

Merry Christmas Eve. I’m drunk.

Part of me thinks that would suffice for an entry and the far more obnoxious parts of me know I’m sadistic enough to subject you to a full half hour of writing. So let’s go for that, because it fits more with my M.O.

I awoke today with Kelly Clarkson’s timeless “Since You’ve Been Gone” stuck in my head. Figuring I had a quota of five Girl Talk Feed the Animals listens per year, I loaded it up in the eventual goal of of hearing “Here’s the Thing”. As soon as I stepped outside I noticed the temperature of ~11 degrees Celsius and that put a Spring (like the season) into my step. I danced my way to the bus, on the subway platform, train and all the way to work.

When it came time to knuckle down and get stuff done, nobody was in the mood. I powered ahead regardless, despite the fact that I’m taking the hit and working next week anyway. We’re going down to a skeleton staff which should mean simple days. My boss suggested bringing in a bottle of baileys to speed the day up. In any case, the early morning went quickly and I got pretty much all my work done by midday. Around 10.30am the media team came around and offered morning mimosas/beer to slow things down in the name of celebration. You can’t piss on hospitality, so I indulged with a chilled Le Fin du Monde. They left around 11.30am and dropped a bucket of beer off at my desk with the simple tiding of “enjoy”. Four beers later…

After finishing up, I had a farewell on my hands. My immediate boss was leaving, after being with the company for most of her adult life. She’d worked for the company a week shy of 10 years until they let go of her. Then she’d been hired back on a one year maternity contract. Universally liked, respected and trusted, it was more than gutting to see her go. It’s significant, because without her I have no idea what I’d be doing right now. Media is a difficult industry to stake your space in. With only New Zealand based experience, nobody here in Toronto was biting. My boss was the only one who seemed to give me much time. The initial interview/position didn’t result in a job, because of internal hiring. Then came her dismissal I mentioned previously. I kept in touch, they brought her back on a maternity contract and she let me know when other opportunities came up. Another such opportunity for the same job (funnily enough, after the person in the position I previously applied for was let go of) came up and I had myself a real job. Her departure wasn’t a sentimental affair, neither of us are those kind of people. Still, I made sure to let her know just how much she’d done for me, how much I appreciated her going out on a limb for some potentially crazy New Zealand dude who could’ve been lying about everything. Lastly, I thanked her for the family style culture she’d brought to the work environment. You know how sometimes you work for someone and don’t feel like a total cog? As if there’s a human giving the orders, but not barking them? Yeah. It was a special thing and I’m glad I had it while it still existed.

Then in a drunken haze, I played Magic with work friends for a while. It seemed like the perfect way to go out festively, but then I got interrupted. A call from back home. My brother, sister and niece. I actually got to talk to my niece for the first time you guys. Like, converse. I used words at her, she tried her best to use words at me. She could manage a “love you unca Leon”, merry Christmas was more like “mera chrimma”, but A for effort. She sent kisses through the camera to make up for it. There’s a real human being now on the other side of the world that I’ll get to meet someday and she’ll probably be even better at words-doing then. If that ain’t a gift, I don’t know what is.

So Merry Christmas Eve, because I learned today that “Merry Christmas Eve” is a legitimate salutation, even if your name isn’t Eve.


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