Stop. Look. Listen. Shut up Navi.

I’m in a flippant mood right now, so this entry will likely follow suit. I’ve got nothing of consequence to report, so if you’re looking for something meaty, this is more tofurkey than living material. Come again another day.

I saw The Emperor’s New Groove last night and it was delightful. I feel okay about using the word “zany” without writing to an audience of minors. It was genuinely funny and seemed more an assortment of slapstick style sketches than a cohesive overarching narrative. Yeah, there were minor themes and heartwarming moments of learning to be had for kids of all ages (ZANY ONES), but that wasn’t the point. For a Disney movie to eschew anything heavy handed in favour of straight up comedy was refreshing. The level of meta absurdity was right up there, down to characters criticizing the plot themselves. David Spade, John Goodman, The Eartha Kitt and Patrick Warburton (Venture Bros‘ Brock Samson) brought the script to something more than life. A film that was ambitious in its quest for straight up insanity. Also justification for the name “The Emperor’s New Groove” is slim at best and it doesn’t matter one iota. If you’re in for something easy, enjoyable and 100% harmless to watch, this is a good pick.It’s fun to revisit Disney movies once in a while, so tonight’s project is Lilo and Stitch.

I’ve been in an R&B mood today. After hearing a duet between Sufjan Stevens and some artist Gallant, I was curious enough to check out this kid’s discography. His EP Zebra is fantastic, the guy’s voice is like liquid velvet and there’s a warm sensuality to his stuff. If that sounds like you, check it out. His big single was Weight in Gold, which I can only describe inexplicably as “stonking”. Consulting a friend who’s well versed in the genre, she led me towards a bunch of artists. The Dream treads between jovial and downbeat, but always with a lascivious edge (could it be more transparent that I wanted to use a big word? If I use them often enough I might even start to memorise them). dvsn is an enigmatic Toronto artist who feels like they might be the next The Weeknd waiting to happen. My favourite recommendation she threw my way was Shamir. Relentlessly bouncy, their album Ratchet is fucking GREEEEAT. Taking full advantage my beloved new headphones, I’ve been bopping back and forth at my desk all day. I feel like R&B is a genre I’ve barely dipped toes into. The more I hear, I get increasingly eager to dive straight into total immersion. I’ve been feeling the absence of live music over the past few months and I’m chomping at the bit to get out and feel bass vibrating from my chest to my extremities.

Toronto, it’s you and me this weekend. What’ve you got?


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