Just you wait, Mr Smash Mouth. Chill, enjoy the ride for now. You won’t suspect a thing.

Well we’re in the thick of it now. Why mess with a good thing? I guess it’s fitting enough that the week leading up to my 29th birthday be known as Leon’s Week of Sadness. Because oddly enough that makes me happy. HERE WE GO.


  • We had a ton of meetings today, so I couldn’t go to my favourite lunch spot (is it weird how many of these revolve around food?). My usual spot is rad, it offers $5 lunches that include three salads and a couple of bits of chicken. I’m rarely hungry after chickpea salad, grain salad and a stack of broccoli. NOT TODAY THOUGH. I even tried to do a sneaky Subway driveby, but the line was too long for the mere 15 minutes I’d left myself for lunch. So I bought a quest bar and called it a day. I’m sure I should’ve felt tough eating a protein bar like some swole fella, but it just made me feel feeble. I’m no newbie to quest bars, but this thing was so fucking dense. After 10 seconds of chewing my jaw started to ache. I’d only eaten a little bit, but I couldn’t not rise to that challenge. You know that feeling where you’ve gotten yourself into something you could back out of at any time, but you keep charging on ahead like you’re imbued with the power of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak? This stupid synthetic edible brick can’t stop The Juggernaut, bitch! It did twist my jaw into an affixed scowl that was awfully apt for my next meeting though.
  • My company got bought out. It’s public news, but it was still a significant surprise. While rumours about buyouts had been floating around for some time, as the bigger company it’d just always been assumed we’d buy them. This turned an already busy day into a flurry of meetings and assurances from corporate. It also draped a sombre ol’ pall over my employment future. No specifics have been announced, but nothing has been confirmed either. Nobody is certain how the merger will affect different departments, but it puts a damper on my ability to look for other work within the company. These large buyouts usually involve hiring or wage freezes, which would clamp down on the chance to swap positions. If I did find another lillypad to jump to, there’s a significant chance I could be bounding away from something stable to a fragile leaf that could give way at any time. To be honest, if I survive the merger unscathed the new arrangement could be pretty neat and create pathways for some exciting opportunities in the far future. If.
  • Deezer is a great site. It’s the closest thing I’ve found to my dearly departed Grooveshark for free music streaming. It was being a right shit today though. With a stack of work to do I just wanted to knuckle down with some beats and rapidly tap away at my keyboard. For some reason most of the tracks I tried wouldn’t play. You could load an album and start streaming, but then you’d just get dead air as the second track idled unhelpfully. No amount of refreshing did any good, so you’d have to settle for some tracks working and some not. However annoying this is, it’s worse when a continuous mash up album misses all of its transitions. So now I’m streaming from Youtube like a fucking chump.
  • I thought about how I mixed up the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak and the M’Kraan Crystal while making a flippant comment to my girlfriend last night. I used to pride myself on being someone with integrity instead of a lousy trashbag who confuses two entirely unrelated magical artifacts. For shame.
  • I’ve kind of decided that Smash Mouth dude is my rival now, but I haven’t put together an action plan on how to beat him yet. I know any plan should probably involve judicious use of pulleys and levers, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I just remembered his abysmal Days Like These a capella, so I feel like I’ve got time on my side.

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