Disseminating wrong in Formation.

Right wing pundits trawling for traffic by claiming that Beyonce’s Superbowl half time performance was racist are absurd. No, I’m not gonna link to them and give them traffic. Googling “Beyonce Superbowl racist” will give you everything you need. I’m not doing their dirty work for them. It’s amazing that they managed to bring up the lack of racial diversity (e.g. no white women) in her homage to the Black Panther movement. Sorry dickheads, but your attempt at finding reverse racism is fucking ridiculous and you should feel bad about yourselves. You’re tools, taking advantage of people who don’t understand insidious societal concepts like privilege and inequality. It’s not their fault, they’re hard concepts to grasp. Being in a position of influence, perhaps you should think twice before committing so strongly to cheap tactics. Are you really so unsure of your dominant foundations that you have to shit on attempts to reignite progressive cultural discussion? You are a joke and it saddens me that people are gullible enough to listen to you.

Me? I know that nobody really listens to me. Or at least I’d hope they wouldn’t after the many times I’ve described my bowel movements. Any influence I have should be limited to my topics of expertise, which is basically only myself. I’m an authority on me, but little else. I should be. I’ve spent the most time around me out of anyone in the world. I’m not gonna claim to know everything about myself, but most things. Actually, one of my favourite things is when I’m trying to figure out where Past Me would’ve put something or what kind of password Past Me would’ve set. I think to myself how would I have responded to this situation? Then I proceed to do the thing I would’ve likely done in the situation! It sounds ridiculous, but being able to work out how I function really does make me feel positively about myself.

I mean, think of the alternative. If I tried to put myself into Past Me’s frame of mind and failed, would I really know myself? What if I tried time and time again, but just couldn’t work out my mental process? I’d start to feel weird, absent from myself. I’d feel displaced, as if I was losing track of who I was. Of course we all change, but to evolve so much as to become unrecognisable to yourself? That’s a chilling thought. Honestly, that kind of mental divergence terrifies me to my core. At the end of each day the one thing I’m assured of is that I am me. I take comfort in being able to trust my own thoughts and sense of logic. If that disappeared, my confidence would be shattered.

It’s why I’m so sympathetic to mental illness of all kinds. Through no personal fault, without even having oppressive societal structures to blame, so many of us have reason to doubt ourselves. Because of internal chemistry. Because of traumatic experiences. Because of tragic biological incompatibilities. It’s distressing that this is something that could be within us already, something that people around us suffer from and we never even know their struggles. For all I know it’s waiting in my future. It could even be a part of my life now without realising it. It’s almost paralysing to think of the huge effect it has and how little we can do to mitigate it, how little we still know. It’s awful, but it’s real. For many of us it’s a huge part of our reality. If there’s anything that could make you feel helpless, not having faith in your mind is right up there.

Still, if you think Beyonce’s Superbowl half time performance was racist, you’ve got no excuse.


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