This one goes out to Lord Huggington.

Because a holiday makes a theme infinitely easy to tap into, here are some things I’ve loved in the past 24 hours:

  • Bacon wrapped cherries.
  • Feeling human again after a shower and a shave.
  • Learning that the modern bananas we’re used to are all genetic clones after many strains were destroyed by a rampant fungus.
  • Playing with a new dog friend in the dog park.
  • Beating the cold snap yesterday by spending a total of two minutes outdoors (between Ubers).
  • The simplicity of Uber.
  • Uber pooling.
  • Being an obvious corporate shill for a successful taxi company.
  • Having no opinion on the Uber logo.
  • A basket of fried chicken and poached egg poutine that was larger than my head.
  • Being okay with waiting for Kanye’s new album.
  • Kanye’s twitter feed.
  • Cuddle puddles on microfiber couches.
  • Goofing around on a large vibration machine.
  • Cocktail umbrellas.
  • Getting Valentines poetry from my girlfriend.
  • Crowdsourcing a friendly brunch date.
  • That excellent barista at Sam James coffee pocket. Perfect coffee every time.
  • Watching someone fail again and again at putting up one of those old movie theatre style “now playing” messages outside their rock climbing gym. Using a long pole, they’d grab one of those little black letters and try to place it up on the sign. No sooner had they pressed it up, it’d fall. This went on for quite some time and got better the more they failed.
  • Watching tiny motes of snow twinkle through the air. It was like the air itself was glistening.
  • Spending time hanging out with a new friend purely out of whimsy.
  • Hearing about a drummer guy who was warned by his doctors not to use his hands for six months. He learned to program with his feet and created music notation software.
  • Conversations about “the brown note”.
  • My girlfriend knowing that I’ve planned something fun tonight, but not knowing what I’ve planned.
  • So many mandarins.
  • Rediscovering Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
  • Phoning in today’s writing.

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