Undisputedly a case of missing persons.

A year ago I had a dilemma. My friend/flatmate was moving out of our flat, then dubbed Flat Dragonzord. I needed a new flatmate, but wanted to find the right fit. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a weird dude. I enter and depart rooms like a whimsical spirit, sometimes mid sentence. Invariably in odd states of dress. I eat odd things, like whole cans of peas. I’ll get on rants or tangents about my vendetta with Mr Smashmouth or my hatred of CDs/DVDs. I’m an acquired taste. To aid myself in this uphill climb, I posted this ad to Craigslist and Kijiji. I got a surprising amount of responses, so I basically scheduled them throughout the evening while my departing flatmate eavesdropped in the background. After each person left, he’d give me a rundown of what he thought. Helpful. Through some convoluted system I ended up with this weird bait and switch. I selected the ex-girlfriend of my previous apartment searchers, which I only deduced through small conversational tidbits. C’mon, she described herself as “friendly” and “neighbourhood” in that order, then came to the viewing with a Spider Man tee hidden Superman style under her shirt. How would I not have picked her?

It’s been a year since then and she’s starting the moving process tomorrow. So how’s it been? Quite possibly the best flatting situation of my life. She’s quiet, but friendly and always happy to chat. She’s smart and has a way of cutting to the heart of social issues with views I never would’ve considered alone. She knows stuff about things sciency and medical, since those are her fields. She’s super chill and, since we’ve got no sexual interest in one another, we’re fine walking around the place in our underwear. As someone who prefers zero clothes, it’s a boon and a half. She’s also Quebecois and as such brings a cultural perspective foreign to my own. I’ve never not enjoyed spending time around her. The ironic part is, for a flatmate I like spending time with, she’s barely ever here. Part way through our shared flatting adventure she met someone and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Fortunately her girlfriend is cool as shit, so my number of rad friends at home doubled. When they were here, anyway. My flatmate spends most nights at her girlfriend’s place to the point where she may sleep at home two nights a month. It’s basically been like having a place to myself with some friends who come around unannounced, but are always welcome.

We’ve had adventures too. For some reason I have a hard time finding friends who want to go out and do high intensity physical activities. She’s a derby gal. If I’m into doing something active, she often is too. We once spent hours messing around at Monkey Vault, the indoor parkour place. We tried gymnastic tumbles, we climbed and picked up as many jumping/grabbing/momentum transference tricks as we could until our hands bled. We went along to Pursuit OCR and raced around the track. Applying physics and strength we scaled the cove ramp, messed around with the agility ladder and bar wall. Having someone who’s into active activities has been a blast and prevented me from trawling for play dates on Facebook.

She shares my love of food. We’ve gorged together on cheese, snacks and chocolate. We’ve been out for meals and stuffed ourselves silly. Through sheer inspiration and gluttony, we went to the supermarket and bought all the necessary (and excessive) components for an at-home sundae bar. Not merely chocolate sauce, she demanded, but caramel too. Sprinkles and crackle, maraschino cherries and bananas of course. Nothing was ever enough and that kind of commitment to indulgence is something I admire all too much. She showed me how to really host Halloween for kids with a chip packet, mini bar and something gummy for each child. If 100 kids showed up we could’ve catered them all (instead of me eating the excess over the next few weeks).

Best of all, she’s been an amazing person to bounce ideas off. If I’ve been depressed or anxious, she’s been there with logic and emotional nuance. Unsurprisingly I’ve had a ton to unpack and she’s helped every time I’ve talked, even if just supplying reassurance that I’m not insane. I’ve tried to reciprocate at any potential opportunity, but as it turns out she’s pretty well put together and has rarely needed the help.

Yet, she’s leaving. We’re each moving on to live with our significant others and couldn’t be happier about it. It’s not like we’re never gonna see each other again. We’re still gonna do game nights, meal nights and hang outs. They’ll just be in different places. I’ve been so fortunate to have her around for this past year and it’s way better to be parting on fantastic terms. I love her and I’m gonna miss her, but it really is all for the best.

Also her name is really similar to my girlfriend’s and that’s been hella confusing. I guess it really is for the best.


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