Friendship. Again? What is this? Mortal Kombat?

I don’t have time to properly compose anything tonight. I’ve been procrastinating for the past four hours and I need to leave the house as soon as this is finished. Therefore in lieu of solidly formed thoughts I’m gonna spill whatever leaks out of my brain. Half formed. Like little mind sharts:

  • My relationship with my parents is uncommonly lazy. We’ll chat every once in a while (usually each month) and when we do there’s never anything of huge importance, so we kind of hang out. Today I was talking to Mum but also needed to poop, so I asked if she’d care if I continued the skype while shitting. “Why would I care?” She responded “It’s not like I’m going to see anything below the belt.” So I took a shit and told her that I was moving in with my girlfriend.
  • I’ve been hamstrung by a hangover all day today and I’ve had middling success shifting it. I snarfed a few Tylenol in the morning, which did precious little to help. I drank my bodyweight in water, but to no avail. Reading my cellphone while riding on a jerky streetcar threw me further down the hole. At brunch I asked the server if they had any painkillers. He turned around and pointed at the cocktails board, featuring a cocktail called “Painkiller”. I frowned and he brought a ramekin filled with more Tylenol. It helped mildly. I drank a lot more water, but the headache and vague nausea wouldn’t subside. I tried eating later in the day, drinking more water, but nothing would make it budge. Then I decided to skull some pickle juice and it immediately disappeared. Praised be you shrunken cucumbers of wonder!
  • I had a hangover because I hung out with a friend last night one on one. You know those people you instantly have a rapport with? He’s one of those guys. After cutting alcohol for the majority of last month, I started the evening off with three drinks before I even left. Then over the course of the evening, cheap cocktails, beer and shots filled my belly with stern stuff. It was a great night, but a grizzly morning.
  • Speaking of the one on one thing, holy shit I didn’t realise how little I seem to spend time with other dudes one on one. I’ve got tons of good friends I see in groups, but I’ve really been craving/missing that time together. Most of my good friends tend to be gals because of the easy emotional to and fro. I forgot just how much I like shooting the shit with other guys and I’ve got every intention of ramping that up in my life. Such a great evening with a top of the line bloke. Much love, hombre.
  • Putting a plug in here for brunch at Windup on College Street. Caribbean inspired dishes that’ll kick your mouth through your arsehole. In a pleasant way, rather than some kind of twisted colon situation. I had the Oxtail Benedict (to quote the menu: “poached eggs, braised oxtail, coconut bake & herbed hollandaise”) and it was a cornucopia of rich flavours and delectable textures. Their coffee was kind of shit, but the food and service was dynamite. It’s not often I’ll tip 20% (standard is around 15. I come from a non-tipping culture so I’m kind of stingy), but I didn’t think twice. The company I had was even more delightful than the food, so the two and a half hour brunch went altogether way too fast.

I need to leave, so I’m dropping it there. Hope you found something redeeming in all that mess. Stay frosty.


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