And if none of these are up your alley… Well don’t go, I guess. I don’t know what else I’m supposed to say here.

Hey folks. It’s International Women’s Day. Here are some rad events coming up that are produced/curated by top notch women around Toronto:


Today: Tell Me Something Good.
Sexy storytelling in a supportive space. This is one of my favourites as I’ve mentioned QuiteFew Times. Stories range from fun to hilarious, disastrous, sexy and all too relatable. The hosts each tell stories on the month’s theme, then the judges (local sex positive community members) tell theirs. Then the audience gets up and gives it a crack. You’ll see some people who return time and time again. There might be meek first timers. There’ll very likely be meek first timers who get up and casually mention the time they absent-mindedly chatted with a co-worker on a train while still wearing the evidence of their one night stand (There’s Something about Mary style) If you haven’t been, come out tonight. The theme is online dating stories and I know for certain that the judges this month are outstanding talents.…/tell-me-something-good-march-sexy-…/

(I realise that by the time most of you read this, the event will already be over and done. At least click the link to find out more details and an idea of what to expect next month).


March 15 – 31st: YTB Gallery – QSW Rebel Zone 1975 -1989

An exhibition tracing the rise in cultural and counter-cultural ignition within an iconic Toronto community. Should be all kinds of choice, thought provoking and a great chance to trace some of the history that spawned such a bitchin’ area. Once gentrification rolls through it’s pretty easy to forget those rows of whitewashed buildings once had stories behind them. Being a Toronto transplant, I’m psyched to discover what I missed.…/qsw-rebel-zone-1975-1989-the-co…


March 16th: Muff Society Presents – Bring It On.

These gals put on fantastic events showcasing the work of women in film. There’s always a themed photobooth preceding the film with an assortment of quote bubbles and cardboard props. The MUFF Society curates a local short film each month which’ll be screened with a short intro from its creator. They give out spot prizes from local supporting businesses, which are usually real quality. Last time I went I won myself a $50 record voucher. As for the film, Teenage Leon watched this an unfathomable amount of times partly because puberty and Dunst/Dushku, but also because the film is fun as hell (and I can probably quote most of it). I’m sure you’ve all seen it, see it again, but this time grab yourself an alcoholic slushie in the lobby.


March 17th: Sit Down and Shut Up.

Bo runs an excellent room once a month and she has a knack for finding a ton of local talent. It’s a low key space with no drink minimum or anything, often PWYC (plus there are usually 25% off food vouchers that’re easy enough to come by). I’ve found a couple of comics here that I’ve been keen to check out more, so it works out to be a nice showcase for who to watch. Especially since Just For Laughs is only a few months away. Heaps of comics are really fine tuning their sets in the hopes of getting picked to participate in the Montreal festival. I’ve never gone along and not had a great time.


March 27th: I’d Tap That – The Original Crush.

Flirty, silly and truth or dare-y. Spin the bottle, sneaky kisses, games and speed meet type stuff with a low pressure irreverent atmosphere. Think about how it felt to be a butterfly-stomached teen in the throes of rapture and you’ve got this event. It’s fully accessible and LGBT++ERRYONE welcome. Unless you’re a dick. Have a dick by all means, but don’t be a dick.


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