Only 35 minutes to midnight. Is that a sign that I killed it today?

For reasons that will soon become apparent, I’m only starting my writing at 10.45pm. It’s been a gloriously busy lazy Sunday. If that seems oxymoronic, it’s been a mix of planned and impromptu leisure and work, culminating in a tired but generally satisfied attitude. You know that feeling where you’ve finished a stack of work and you crack a beer and survey all that you’ve accomplished (everything the light touches)? That’s me tapping away right now.

9.30am (which was really 8.30am in disguise): I awoke naturally to a warm, comfortable Sunday morning. I had half an hour before my alarm pushed me out of bed, so I caught up with the internet. I’d made brunch plans with friends that never got confirmed. I’d quested for confirmation late (late) last night, but with no response set my alarm early in case they did. They didn’t. I fretted over whether to stay or go, posted on Facebook for any potential brunchers and got up for a shower just in case. My friend had just sat down to dim sum all of five minutes’ walk away, so I donned clothings and headed straight there.

11am: Google maps told me where Sky Dragon restaurant was geographically, but had no advice as to where it sat in the mall. A three levelled mall, of which I’d explored all three levels frantically. Turns out in one remote corner there was an elevator leading up to a magical fourth level. The rewards came in the form of decadence. They’d started eating, which I transitioned to seamlessly. No sooner had my bum hit the seat than four assorted meals hit my mouth. The motto of the meal (as with every dim sum) was to leave fat and happy. Mission accomplished. Mussels, har gow, shumai, deep fried calamari, turnip cakes, short rib, cha siu bao. All of it went straight down my gullet and into my stomach. Greasy and delicious, salty, fatty and satisfying.

12.30pm: We grabbed coffee from Jimmys, then my friend and I wandered up to A&C Games to get some Magic singles. I glanced at their display box stock and saw a card that’d shot up to $15. I had a playset at home, which had been worth $1 for the lot a few years ago. The guy said their buylist price was $8 each, so I added offloading them to my plans.

2pm: After a grand total of 20 minutes at home I left again, Magic cards in bag. I had a friend to meet up with, but before that I had a Bunz trade to take care of. Bunz is a Toronto Facebook/app based barter community where money is forbidden and TTC tokens/tallboys are prime currency. Outside cash though, anything goes. I found a guy who was willing to part with an old preamp (so I could get my turntable working) for a few Magic rares. I looked through his deck and tossed him a couple of rares I’d never use. I said thanks and left to meet up with my friend.

3pm: I stopped in for two minutes at A&C Games. I traded my four commons in for $36 store credit. I now realise the rush of stock markets. May God have mercy on my soul.

3.15pm: I met up with my friend and roamed around. We wanted hot drinks and maybe treats. We wandered Kensington Market for about 40 minutes, searching in vain for places with spare tables. I was picky and didn’t find the perfect fit, so we moved on again and again. After circumnavigating the markets, we came back to our first spot – Moonbeam Coffee – and found a table. We chatted and dined for a few hours on matcha latte and chocolate tart until my girlfriend’s shift ended. We all needed to go to the butcher, so we left the cafe and my girlfriend joined us there.

5.50pm: We bought some beautifully marbled steaks for Steak and a Blowjob Day tomorrow. I do love holidays.

6.30pm: We’re moving in less than a week, but my girlfriend’s room isn’t move ready. We spent several hours working across the room to sort what needed to go and what could be tossed/traded. By the time we looked up it was 9.30pm and we needed to eat.

9.30pm: A hurried dish of asparagus, bok choy and eggs went down well with a dash of lemon juice and a (heavy) sprinkling of parmesean. Who’s to say utility eating can’t be tasty?

10.30pm: We got home and put things away. With no time to plan out something themed, I sat down to where we started.

That’s how a busy lazy Sunday happens. I think the next step is what’s referred to as “rest”. Wait, isn’t that what Sundays are for?


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