One more catastrophe for the road.

There had to be a stumbling block somewhere. Everything was far too seamless. The move yesterday took under two hours. Today’s move was similarly simple. All the big items (bed, bookshelf, dresser, etc) fit into one minivan load (with the mattress conveniently hitched onto the roof à la my friend’s Boy Scout skills) and the unloading went off without a hitch. I’m now sitting in a house that has more than it needs, but at least it’s all here. In a week or two it’ll be a true blue domicile with all the comforts of home. Scratch that, it will be a home. We made it this far on the backs of friends. Friends who helped because they could, not because there was something in it for them. I know this to be true, we tried bribing them with sweets and alcohol, but to no effect. The hard part has nothing to do with them.

Nor does it have anything to do with my girlfriend. We’ve been tag teaming this move across the board. Working together or separately for the common goal. We wanted to bring our lives together and this has meant countless hours of organisation, packing and lifting. It’s been at the behest of sleep and social lives. She’s been a true champion, especially considering how much stuff she’d accumulated. Cutting down 5+ years worth of build up was a feat of patience and dedication, but it was all for the best. Who doesn’t change from their late teens and early to twenties? The things you hold to be important shift, replaced by an updated outlook. Facing the physical reminders of this isn’t an easy task, especially when you’ve grown used to having them around you constantly. She’s been a fucking workhorse in tracking towards deadlines. She deserves any and all accolades I can send her way.

The biggest issue we’ve faced so far has been acclimatising her cat to the new digs. See, back at my girlfriend’s old place, she had one large room. Her cat’s life was in that room and as such, was used to free rein within the space. Our place has two bedrooms and a lounge. I’ve never been a cat person. I have no ill feelings towards them, I’m just a steady streak of apathetic. She has a nice cat, a friendly cat and that’s a cat I don’t mind living with. Sleeping with it is another matter entirely. Having her cat walking on and off the bed or meowing around as we sleep has always made it tough for me to get a good rest. That’s one thing if it’s while I’m sleeping over at hers. It’s a whole different ball game if I can’t get a good night’s sleep in my own bed. My girlfriend agreed to leave the cat out of the room while we sleep. I have zero issue with it in the room at any other time (especially because it’s developed a finely tuned talent of becoming scarce whenever we start getting frisky), but despite my general dislike of the activity, sleep is important and something every body needs.

As we suspected it would, the cat took exception to our decision. The closed door to our bedroom was assailed consistently throughout the night. The cat yowled for minutes at a time. We then started hearing loud thumps. Neither of us could decide whether the cat was trying to grab the circular handle (to no avail) or actually headbutting the door. Things got aggressive and very, very loud. I don’t think either of us got more than a scant hour of shut-eye here or there. With what we’ve read, this will likely go on for a few days until the cat gives up and realises its actions won’t accomplish what it wants. Apparently the worst thing we can do is give it attention of any kind, whether positive or negative. Don’t soothingly pet it, don’t yell at it. Ignore it completely and we’ll thwart its pleas for attention. I felt so shitty for our upstairs and downstairs neighbours, being put through the ringer because of something entirely out of their control. I went out and bought wine and wrote a little apology note.

The thing is, there’s no point being angry at the cat. She doesn’t know any better. It’s not like she has human senses of reasoning. All she knows is that she’s always had attention/affection on tap and now she feels its absence. None of it is her fault, but it’s still behaviour we need to curb. Failing anything because I’m mildly concerned she’ll get brain damage if she keeps using her head as a battering ram.


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